Your Spiritual Business: How Was This Quarter for You?

You Should ALWAYS Know Where Your Business Stands

I want to talk about how this quarter has been for you. Not sure what I mean by quarter? I’m talking about a financial quarter. I want to know how your business has been doing in these last 3 months. Do you know if your business is healthy?

I find that many people treat their spiritual business like a hobby, and are unclear about where their business stands. If someone asks you, you should know right away how many clients you’ve served, how much financial abundance you’ve acquired, your net and gross profits… and yet, most people aren’t even sure what we’re talking about here!

To me, that is a crime. We are here to raise consciousness. There is a shift happening in the Universe at this very moment, and it is our job to step up and start to serve. If you’re not serving, what are you doing? If you’re not living your purpose, then you are feeding into the nonsense of the world; working a job you don’t love, struggling to meet obligations that we are told we must meet, or just agonizing in scarcity mentality. You should be serving at the highest level.

It is time to help shift perspective and change reality for your clients. It is time to answer the call for you to be out there in the world as a spiritual leader. Thinking leads to more thinking, so get out of your head and start doing. You know are supposed to be sharing your message. Get in touch with your internal self and discover how you are supposed to be living your life. We have to be able to step up, and trust we are on our path. Don’t get caught up in the questioning and the doubting. Our life is supposed to be pure abundance and bliss. We are supposed to be living on heaven on Earth.

Feel where you should step, and take it. Thinking takes you absolutely nowhere without action. You have to actually make a move. If you continue to think about taking the leap, and never do, that will be a huge regret you carry with you.

If you are ready to serve at the highest level, and make a difference in the world, it is time to step out and sign up for our Spiritual Biz Bootcamp. It is time to make the shift, and get in full alignment about where we are supposed to be going. I have an amazing team that will help you become aware of where you are in your business, and the steps you need to take to be successful, and create your life of abundance. Check out my free masterclass and learn the five shifts my spiritual coaching clients are using to create six-figure businesses to raise consciousness and the vibration of this planet here:



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