Are You Working Against the Universe by “Meditating On It”?


Hello, everybody. Hello, Spiritual Biz Success people. How are you guys doing? Long time, no see. So, something I’d like to share, as always, something insightful, talking about businesses and getting out there with your spiritual business. I just had this very interesting experience, and I thought I’d share

It’s really about when we are so indecisive that we hold ourselves back and miss opportunities. I think it happens to us all the time. We think ourselves out of an amazing experience. I want everyone to take a moment and really think about the last time you did that and what kind of opportunity you missed and what you could be doing with your life now if you hadn’t overthought things, if you were really in the flow.

I find it really interesting because people have issues, right? Someone will have a problem. They’re looking for a solution, and then the solution appears to them. Then, they think, “Oh, “I’m not really so sure I’m ready to do that. Maybe I should, or maybe I shouldn’t,” or, “I’ve got to go think about it,” or, “I’ve got to go meditate on it.” I find it’s incredible to see how many people actually meditate themselves out of success. I don’t quite understand that. It’s something I see that happens so consistently with spiritual entrepreneurs that it kind of boggles my mind.

You guys all know that I’m here to help  the 5,000 spiritual entrepreneurs get out there with their businesses so we can have a huge ripple effect on this planet, right? We all know that’s what I do. That’s my passion, is getting everyone out there to have this impact. It’s interesting because I speak with spiritual entrepreneurs every day, some that are with my amazing Spiritual Biz Boot Camp and some that aren’t, and I find this very consistent thing of indecisiveness.

I find this indecisiveness holds spiritual entrepreneurs back, and it’s really unfortunate because you guys have such amazing talents, yet there’s something in you that kind of holds you back a little bit. There’s something in the mind that makes us stay stuck. Sometimes it’s so much more comfortable to be uncomfortably comfortable. I think that’s right – uncomfortably uncomfortable. So, sometimes it’s easier to just stay where you are than to make the shift.

When we make the shift, and there’s an energy shift in what we’re doing, all sorts of things happen. It’s amazing. When I see people join my Spiritual Biz Boot Camp, without a doubt, within the first, I don’t know, 15 to 30 days, something major happens in their life because they’re shifting this energy, and it’s like the universe asking you, “How bad do you want it?”

But what I see so often with spiritual entrepreneurs is they end up stuck, and they end up overthinking, and then they’re not sure. It’s weird. It’s like the inspiration comes to them. They’ve asked for whatever the solution is that they need, and then it shows up, and they let it go. They let it go because they’re indecisive.

So indecisiveness not only destroys your opportunity as a spiritual entrepreneur to get out there and do things. Indecisiveness actually destroys your life. Think about how many times you’ve had an opportunity, and because you were indecisive, it left. Right? It’s so true. It’s powerful, and it’s true because it holds us back, and it’s like we meditate ourselves out of it.

It’s crazy how many spiritual entrepreneurs, “Oh, let me go think about it. “I’m going to go meditate on it.” And it’s like hold up. You’re going to meditate on what? We are Source. Source is within us, right? It’s within us. We can’t be looking outside of ourselves to be true.

If we are on our path and the universe is bringing things to you, showing up right in front of you, Law of Attraction 101, you’re looking for it. It shows up right in front of you, and then it shows up, and then you get indecisive, and you say, “I’m not really sure. I’m going to go think about it,” you’re basically telling the universe, “Screw you. You brought me what I asked for, but I’m not sure.” You’re allowing your left-side brain, or the fear within you, to keep you where you are.

You’re absolutely going against the universe because if you had an issue and you meditated on it and you brought it forward. Then, you show up right in front of it, and then the answer is right there and you walk away. You basically told the universe, “I don’t need you. I’m going to go figure it out on my own.” And I want to ask you, how is that working out for you? That never works.

It never works when we go figure it out on our own. But when we are in the flow, we’re in the flow of what we want. The universe is bringing stuff to us. We’re in the flow of our desires. We’re manifesting what we’re looking for. The universe brings it to you, and you are decisive, and you take that step forward. That is a beautiful thing. That’s when the world opens up for you. That’s when everything comes to you, right?

When we step right into it, it shows up for us, and it’s beautiful. And when you can manifest those things, and take advantage of those things, your life opens up. It’s amazing. I try to live in the flow all the time, and something appears to me (even though I maybe didn’t exactly manifest it how I thought it was going to), and I go, “Oh, well, I think this is right. Okay, I’m going to go with it,” and then incredible, incredible things happen.

So you guys have to double check yourselves about your indecisiveness because it really is telling the universe, “I don’t need you.” It brought you what you were looking for, and then you told it to go away. It’s really unfortunate because the only one that you’re hurting is yourself. You’re hurting the possibilities in your life. It’s really an unfortunate thing.

It’s coming up because I’m seeing spiritual entrepreneurs come to me, right? You guys know me. I’m out there everywhere. I’m all over Facebook, and they’ll see my ad. Then, they’ll watch my training, my free live training. I’ll put a link for it if you guys haven’t seen it yet, but it’s The Five Shifts to Create a Six-Figure Spiritual Business. They see the training. They go, “This is amazing,” and they sign up for a call with my team to be able to see where they can go with their spiritual business. They’re like, “Yes I have a business. Yes, I’m ready to scale it. Yes, I’m ready to go.”

And then we say, “Here’s the solution,” and they get indecisive. And it’s like, it truly breaks my heart because it doesn’t change my life whether or not they’re part of my Spiritual Biz Boot Camp, but it does change theirs. What’s going to happen is their life isn’t going to change.

The trajectory that they were on is going to keep them right where they are. Why? Because they were indecisive. When you go through the process and you’re trying to bring something to you and the universe brings it to you, say, “Yes.” When you say yes to what comes to you, it’s amazing. It’s beautiful. It’s being in the flow. That’s when you begin to attract more things, and it attracts more things and attracts more things.

The minute you put the block up, the minute you’re like, “Nope, I don’t need that. Nope, I’m going to go think about it. Nope, I’m going to go meditate about it,” you’re telling the universe, “I don’t need you.” And then it’s like a stumbling block. And now, you have all this resistance, and you’ll see how that resistance will build and build and build, and all sorts of things are going to stop working for you. I wish it wasn’t that way, but it is. It’s the universal Law of Attraction in what you’re doing.

When you’re indecisive in your life, it just has a huge impact. So do yourself a favor. Be decisive. See the opportunity and seize the opportunity when something comes to you because it will absolutely change your life. So that’s my little chat for today.

If you feel like your indecisiveness is holding you back from your dreams, you might want to do a double check on that. Make a pact with the universe and say, “I’m going to move forward.” So yes, Zane, exactly, unconscious manifesting is still manifesting, so let’s be conscious creators. Zane is also in the boot camp, kicking booty right now too.

Nikki, you’re right. If you’re scared, it means you’re growing. If you’re not sure, you’re like, “Holy cow,” that’s that whole growth piece. That’s that, “Let’s step out of our comfort zone and grow.” If you’re comfortable, you’re not growing. And if you’re not growing, you’re not serving. You’re only going to be serving as you grow and be bigger than who you are.

So Arlene, yes, fearlessly moving forward. Beautiful. Absolutely, guys. So, you’re welcome, Zane. So again, if you guys are feeling indecisive, make the pact with the universe now to get out there and do something about it. Oh, and thank you, Marina. Yes, Happy Birthday. Yes, yesterday was my birthday. It was awesome. So many beautiful wishes from all of you guys.

So take decisive action. Let people inspire you into action. I know that’s what I say I do. My team does, is we inspire people into action to be able to change their lives. We’ve got some Boot Camp members here on the call, on the live video here, and it definitely is life-changing.

So if you guys have a business, you have already seen clients, and you are serious and see that what you do is amazing, you’re an expert at what you do, and you can have this major ripple effect on the planet, let me know. Reach out to us because we can truly change your lives. I’ll put a link here. You guys can figure out how to contact us. But until next time, be decisive, and change your lives. Have a beautiful day, guys. Bye-bye.



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