You Are Selfish If You Are Not Charging For Your Gift

Eradicating the Poverty Mindset of Spiritual Entrepreneurs

There is a paradigm shift happening now with  the relationship between money and spirituality. Until now, there has been a big wall of misconception built up between those two things, and it really gets people feeling wobbly. I am here to help you break down that wall, and show spiritual entrepreneurs how to create abundance  for themselves.

Let’s be honest here, you were given a gift by Source. It’s what makes you who you are. You have all this energy to put out into the world, but if you want to be in  balance, there needs to be an exchange of energy. Without that exchange, you will be out of balance, and resentment starts to form. Well, here’s a little secret for you, money is just energy!

Everything on this planet was balanced until people came along. It’s our job to strive to maintain that balance. We were not put on this planet to struggle or be in poverty. There is abundance everywhere, and it is our birthright to receive that abundance.

I know you have the notion that you were given these gifts, and that in turn you are supposed to give them for free, but remember that things flow easier when they are in balance. Just as you are anxious to give your gift for free, other people love to give you things too. Be open to receiving as well as giving. It feels good to give, doesn’t it? So don’t rob someone the thrill of giving you the energy of money. It is a miraculous thing to allow someone else to feel good about giving!

Keep in mind that you cannot truly be your best self if you are living in a “scarcity mindset”. How can you help others when you feel you are not deserving of help yourself? Always think of those airplane oxygen masks- make sure yours is secure before helping others. When you can break free of the scarcity mindset, and can be comfortable earning money for yourself, you can take your money, and put it back out into the world in a way that can create further positive change.

You need to maintain spiritual integrity with the universe. How can you do that if you are giving your gifts away for free? To maintain that integrity, you must see people in their highest light, and you are not doing that if you think they can’t afford to pay you for your services. Everyone is a conscious creator of their life , and by seeing everyone  that way, and believing they can afford your services, you are helping to create a paradigm shift.

The same goes for discounting your prices. What you do is incredible, and you are amazing at what you do! As long as you make sure that you are a serving at the highest level, I encourage you to charge a higher price. This will keep the energy exchange balanced, and you and your clients will both be able to give and receive what you each need.

There is an awakening happening, and a paradigm shift taking place. It is not selfish to charge for your services, it is selfish not to. It is time to step out and be a vehicle  for shifting consciousness! Is Spiritual Biz Bootcamp right for you? Find out by watching my free masterclass at



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