Why Have Healers Been Told Not to Charge?

I know talking about charging for your gifts can be an uncomfortable topic, but we’re going to do it anyway. Specifically, I want to talk about this limiting belief that healers are not supposed to charge, which as you know, I believe is completely untrue. I DO believe, however, that we are told that message of negativity for a reason.

The reason we as healers are told not to charge, is to keep our vibration down. Imagine what the world would be like if the healers of the world were abundant, thriving, and at their highest vibration. We are all powerful creators when our vibration is at its highest, and therefore we can create whatever reality we’d like. But if we are focused on worrying about paying the rent, and our bills, and “how are we going to make ends meet this month?”, then we are not creating, and not manifesting incredible things.

We can look at it from your clients’ point of view too! When you get something for free, what do you do with it 99% of the time? You throw it away! You don’t need it, it was free, who cares? But when you pay for something, when you’re invested in something, you give it your all. You take it seriously, and you feel fulfilled and gratified. By not charging for your gifts, you are denying your clients that feeling!

Part of my mission in helping all the healers of the world manifest that abundance is to show you how to charge, how to feel comfortable with charging, and how to overcome those limiting beliefs around it. When we can get past that wobble, and get comfortable with the exchange of money for the services you provide, (and yes, it is just an exchange of energy!) then there is no limit to what we can do!

There is an awakening happening, and a paradigm shift taking place. It is not selfish to charge for your services, it is selfish not to. It is time to step out and be a vehicle  for shifting consciousness! Is Spiritual Biz Bootcamp right for you? Find out by watching my free masterclass at www.spiritualbizsuccess.com.



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