What’s Your Business Story?

What is your business story?

Everybody loves a good story. When you are working on attracting your unique tribe a compelling and articulate business story will help you connect with them. The impact of sharing your “why” with your tribe can be HUGE.

Yet, we are so afraid to step out and share who we are.

It can be a REALLY vulnerable experience. In fact, I recently experienced this very thing when I opened up about my intuitive abilities…my being able to connect with the other side (see my post, My Little White Lie, HERE). No more hiding behind my Wall Street resume. It is now posted ALL OVER THE INTERNET that I can see things that others cannot see. Do you know how hard it was to hit “Publish” on that article?

But once it was out in cyberspace it was amazing to see people reach out and give me a virtual high five. I can honestly say it changed my business. It allowed me to connect with my clients and students on a whole new level once I came out of the “spiritual closet.”

By sharing my story and baring my soul, my tribe was able to see who I really am, they got to know me intimately.

Now it is your turn to tell your business story so you can build a strong connection with your tribe. Here are three questions you can use to get you on your way.

1) What makes your spiritual business unique?

Don’t think too hard on this one. The answer is you! You make it unique. Your healing, intuitive or life coach practice is different from the next person’s because of YOU. Your life experiences are like no one else, use that to your advantage. Tell your tribe about YOU. Share with them the obstacles you had to over come to get to where you are today. If you are still experiencing obstacles, then even better because it shows the real you. What else makes you special? (To be clear here, YOU ARE SPECIAL, but now it is time to put it into words). Write out 10 characteristics or life events that make you unique and begin to create your story around those qualities.

2) Use your own voice and bring some emotion into it.

We empaths know that adding emotion to any situation alters everything. When we share our joy, pain, excitement, or nervous energy with people they share in our experience. And when they share in an experience it creates a memory because we remember things we share with others. Connect with your tribe on an emotional level and they will remember you!

3) Revamp!

Your story is ever evolving. We get so busy as spiritual entrepreneurs working on our business we forget to update our story. You and your business are constantly evolving, so be sure to revamp your story every 6 months at a minimum. If you haven’t looked at your story lately, take some time over the next couple of days and revamp.

You are now one step closer to connecting with your tribe.

Are you wondering how to build your tribe, quickly? Check out my Build Your Tribe Starter Kit, just click below. It is my gift to you so you can help in this paradigm shift and get your message out to the world.

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