What to Charge For a Reading

I want to take a blog post here, and talk to a particular group of Spiritual Entrepreneurs out there, Tarot readers. A lot of you are coming to me, asking how to set up your price point for your readings. What I am hearing more often than not, is that you guys are doing yourself a serious disservice by undervaluing your gifts! It is time to change that, and start serving at the highest level.

One of the biggest mistakes in pricing I see from Tarot readers is charging by the minute. All you are doing by charting $20 for a 20 minute reading is treating yourself, and your gifts as some sort of gimmick. Let’s talk about what Tarot readings actually are for a minute. You are conveying messages directly from Source through the cards! That is a direct connection, with direct insight that you are providing for your clients. That is not some dollar per minute party trick!

The other big mistake Tarot readers are making with their pricing is charging based on where you live, or what others are charging. This comparative energy is not going to be productive for you, and is only going to limit your potential. Your gifts are not meant to be compared to others, in fact they can’t be! Source gave your specific gifts to you, and you alone. Just because you read Tarot, and someone else reads Tarot, does not mean you are providing your clients with the same experience. You need to step out, and truly value what you are able to provide through your gifts.

It’s important to remember that most of the time your clients aren’t just looking for some one-time answer through your reading, they are looking for coaching. And that is what you need to see yourselves as, Spiritual Coaches. Treating your gifts as a one-off parlor trick is doing you, and your clients a great injustice. Look into bundling your readings, and setting up long-term coaching relationships. Value yourself and your gifts, and understand that only when you are charging what you are truly worth, can you serve at the highest level possible.

When you can create a balanced energy exchange between you and your clients, something will click, and your pricing will just feel right. If you need help finding a place to start when establishing your pricing, my Spiritual Biz Bootcamp can help give you some perspective. We have a very specific process for pricing and valuing your services. Check out my free masterclass here: www.spiritualbizsuccess.com. You will learn more on how my spiritual coaching clients are creating six-figure businesses while raising consciousness and the vibration of this planet.



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