What is Tithing, and How it Will Change Your Life!

Someone asked me the other day what I mean when I talk about tithing. Tithing is a wonderful way to get out of Scarcity Mode, and get your energy around money out of a stagnant, negative state. The act of tithing is an ancient practice, and goes back to people giving crops and money to the Church. That’s not exactly what I’m talking about when I refer to tithing today, but it’s close.

When I talk about tithing, I don’t mean giving money to any sort of church. Spirituality covers many different faiths, beliefs, and opinions, and so my definition of tithing is much more broad, and encompassing. Tithing is about giving back to the universe. It should be practiced through giving to an organization, or cause, that really resonates with you and your message. Whether it be a message of oneness or love, it should be something that you care about, but that doesn’t directly improve your life.

So how much should you tithe? Looking back, the traditional amount that seems to stand the test of time is a flat 10%. Now, you can give an amount you want, but remember, the goal you’re trying to achieve is to break out of your Scarcity Mindset. If you’re worried about giving 10%, then you’re living in scarcity.

When you are living in Scarcity Mode, your energy around money is stuck. To get out of that, you need to get your energy moving. Tithing is a way to do that, that is 100% in your control. By putting that positive energy out into the world, you are telling Source that you are not stuck in Scarcity Mode, and are ready to receive the abundance of the universe. When you raise your vibration around money, money will begin to show up in your life. Remember that Source will provide us with all the abundance we need, if only we allow ourselves to be accepting of it.

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