What Are People Going to Think?

I want to talk about an interesting topic that was brought up in my Bootcamp call today. We started talking about stepping out as a Spiritual Leader, and how nervous a lot of people get about what their friends and family are going to say about them stepping out. This starts to cause a major dilemma for them! They know they are ready to step out as a leader, they know they have these amazing gifts, but they are worried about what people will think!

One thing I see that is we sometimes allow what people might say about us to keep us from living our dream. What we have to remember is that no matter what anybody says, it has nothing to do with you. When someone has an issue, it only has to do with them. So when you are stepping out as a leader, and you’re worried about what people think, you’re really worrying about the things they have going on inside themselves!

It breaks my heart because so many people have these amazing gifts, and want to step out, but they are afraid! When we are being held down like that, we are being held down in a place of disconnect from Source, and that is never where we want to be! We want to be in full connection with Source, and that connection means you are tapping into your authentic self. That is where we need to be. Following our true path.

Don’t worry about what people MIGHT say. They might think it’s totally amazing. Then you will realize that you spent all that time and energy worrying about something that is not even the case! So let’s not worry about it! Step out and see what happens!

If you are ready to step out, and follow the path Source has set out to who you really are, then my Spiritual Biz Bootcamp could be for you! Learn more, and watch my free webinar at www.spiritualbizsuccess.com.



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