Want to Create Financial Abundance?


Hello, everybody in my Spiritual Biz Success group. How are you guys doing? This is a really impromptu video. I just finished interviewing our cover for March for Spiritual Biz Magazine, and his name is Jaden Sterling. He is really an abundance and prosperity healer. That was the name that I came up for him today, and we just had such a fantastic conversation about money. I just had to jump in and share because it was really cool and really, I think, will be eye-opening for some people to just get a new perspective on what we need to do to create financial abundance.

So I teach you guys all about how to create your business, right, how to market and get out there and really get into vibrational alignment with who you are and what you’re teaching. But as that financial abundance starts to come in, what do we do with it? And how do we create it? I find that with spiritual entrepreneurs there’s such a – there’s a scarcity mentality, and it’s really, I think, frustrating

It’s frustrating for me to see so many spiritual entrepreneurs struggle financially because of these self-limiting beliefs about money. And these self-limiting beliefs about money hold us back in a ridiculous way, and it’s not meant to be that way. And so one of the things that Jaden Sterling and I were talking about during the interview was about creating our own reality, and not just our own reality in everyday life, which we should absolutely be creators of at all times, instead of observers, right? We need to create the world that we want to see, not just sit back and observe it. But that holds true for your money.

So financial abundance and money comes when we are in vibrational alignment with what we’re doing, which is why I teach you guys to step out with your gifts and create that abundance. But it’s more than just being in alignment and talking about what you’re going to create. We’ve got to really, also, focus on that financial abundance. How is it going to come in? What does it look like? How excited are you when it comes in?

Remember, I don’t teach you guys about creating financial abundance to buy nonsense, right? This is not about just buying a bunch of stuff. This is about taking that energy of money and passing it back out into the world, so the more financial abundance you can create, the more that you can give back. So you can actually serve at such a greater level when you are able to give that money back and let that energy flow happen.

But when we’re talking about creating money, we so often do it passively. We’re observers of our money instead of creators of our money. And to be able to create true financial abundance, you have to be an active participant. You have to be able to be a vibrational match to the money that’s coming in to you. You have to be able to feel it and see it coming in, and that is a game changer. We have to get out of scarcity mode and into abundance mode so that we can actually serve.

See, with spiritual entrepreneurs, again, we need to get rid of this idea of scarcity. We need to get rid of that worry because you are not serving anyone coming from that place of worry. But when you can focus on your abundance, and you can focus on the money coming in, and you have excitement for it coming in so that you can be able to take it back and serve at a high level, that’s what you need to be working on.

You need to get all of your cells in that high vibration that’s a match for that abundance that’s coming to you. And we need to concentrate on it. We need to give thanks for it. In your gratitude journal, if you guys aren’t keeping a gratitude journal every day, you need to do that immediately. That’s the first thing you should do. You should get up in the morning. You need to meditate.

Here’s what I do. I do five Sun Salutations. I meditate, and then I write in my gratitude journal because I can be grateful for what’s coming. Hi, Zena and Horace. Hey, guys. And so yes, to create that financial abundance is how we serve because you are not serving when you are struggling. It’s just a tough reality. You have to get yourself in alignment first, whether they say you can’t get sick enough to help the sick and you can’t be poor enough to help the poor. That’s not how it works. You have to create the financial abundance for yourself to be able to give it back and really serve at a high level.

So again, it’s about being in that gratitude space for what you have, and you have to look at it as what you have, not what’s coming or what you want because as soon as you look at what you want, that means that you don’t have it. And as soon as you look at what you want that you don’t have, there’s scarcity, right? We now have a disconnect between, “I want that,” and “I don’t have it,” so I want $10,000 a month, but I don’t have it. So now you have scarcity mode, and the universe feels that scarcity.

So when we’re talking about creating financial abundance, you have to give gratitude to it like it’s there already. So if you’re working on creating your spiritual business right now, you need to give gratitude today for the 10 clients that came in and brought you $10,000 next month, and that has to go into your gratitude journal every single day, and you have to feel the gratitude for that. The feeling is the key.

If you miss the feeling, and you just write it down, and you write in your gratitude journal, “Yes, this would be great,” but then maybe in the back of your mind those little voices come through and go, “Well, I don’t know how that’s going to happen. I haven’t had any clients this year,”  well, then it’s not going to happen because we are what we think. We are what we feel. The minute those voices come in, you’re done for.

So you have to be giving gratitude for what you’re receiving today as if it has already happened. That’s the kicker. It’s already occurred. You just haven’t been able to manifest it in this reality at the vibrational level where you can say, “It’s right here physically.” Hello, Star. Yes, it is the split energy when you’re thinking one thing and then you’re feeling another. You have to be in alignment with it. But let’s be conscious creators of the abundance we bring in. Let’s be conscious creators of our life, and let’s be conscious creators of our business and being able to get into vibrational alignment with it all and make it happen.

So if your business isn’t where you want it to be, if your finances aren’t where you want them to be, if the clients that you’re having coming in aren’t what you want, you have to go inside. You have to go inside. You have to do a double-check about what you’re actually feeling and where are you vibrationally because you have to create what you want. You are a creator. That is the most powerful gift we have been given, and we just don’t use it enough. We end up observing what’s going on and saying, “Oh, well this happened to me.” Nothing happens to you. You create your reality whether you do it consciously or not.

So let’s create the abundance that you’re going to use to be able to serve. Let’s create the abundance that you’re going to be able to help thousands of people and step out there with your message. So today, make a decision to be a conscious creator, a conscious creator of your business, a conscious creator of the abundance that’s coming to you so that you can serve. Put that in your gratitude journal every morning.

Like I said, I get up. I do my Sun Salutations. I meditate, and then I go right to my gratitude journal to give gratitude for all of the things that I can see in this reality, in this physical dimension, and the things that I maybe can’t see in this physical dimension, because I know that they’ve already occurred. So you start that practice. It will be a game changer for what you do.

So go out there today. Be a conscious creator of your financial abundance so that you can serve at the highest level, and you guys have a beautiful day! I’ll see you later in the Facebook group. Bye, guys.



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