There Are TWO Things You MUST be Doing to Make Your Spiritual Business a Success


Good morning again, Spiritual Biz Success Group. I want to just chat real quickly about a couple of things. I apologize for not being on earlier this week. It’s been a busy week. And exciting news… I was interviewed by the camera man for Abraham Hicks. He was here for dinner and interviewed both myself and my other half, my spiritual partner, Daniel, for his show, and that was really exciting stuff.

So I’ve been a little quiet this week. There are a couple of things. I want to welcome everybody who is new to the group. There are a ton of people in here, which is fantastic. Always feel free to ask your questions and let me know where you are, and I’m here to help. I probably have a video that’s going to answer your question. But there’s a couple of trends that I’m seeing, questions coming up, and I just want to address them to help give you guys some clarity.

So the first thing that I’m seeing in the group is people are talking about pricing. This always comes up, right? We’re talking about pricing our spiritual gifts. And I want you to own and understand the fact that when you give your gift away for free that you are not serving. So when you really want to serve, you must charge. And when you want to really serve on a big scale, you must have a business. The business is your vehicle for getting out there and being able to serve more people.

So if you aren’t charging, what happens is people don’t value what you have. They think, “Well, how good could they be if they’re giving their gift away for free?” So the higher you charge, the more value there is to what you’re doing, the more respect people will have for you and what you’re doing, and also the better results your clients will get. Because when they’re really committed, and I mean committed energy of time, energy of money, energy all around that they’re committed to what you’re doing and the interaction they have with you, they will get better results.

Think about when you’ve committed to doing something really big, and you invested a lot of time and money into it, that energy investment gets you to really step up and make it happen. But if you pay just a little bit for something, you get something for free, you probably never use it. So remember that. I want you guys to get your head around the fact that paying for or charging, for your services and having people pay for that is the highest level of service that you could do.

And then I hear people say, “Well, what if the people who I’m selling to can’t afford my services? What if I start charging and I lose my clients?” Well first, if you weren’t charging to begin with, they weren’t your clients to begin with, right? They were just people that were taking in what you were giving.

So when you  – or just, again, you’re giving away for free, there’s this imbalance. So when you start owning that idea and you start charging for it, you’re going to see that people will actually begin to value what you’re doing. They will get better results. It will be really a shift in how your business works, and that will take you from being not a business owner, to having a very expensive hobby, to actually having a business, right? This is that whole thing.

As spiritual entrepreneurs, we seem to have very expensive hobbies. When we’re giving this gift away for free, there’s an imbalance of the energy exchange, and so you need to kind of take a moment and refocus on that and be like, “I have to really create a business to really serve at a high level.” So again, read through that money thing because I know it’s a hot topic. Don’t worry about whether people can afford what you do. When they see the value of it, they will do it.

That’s the thing I teach in my Spiritual Biz Boot Camp is in the boot camp, we just focus on the value. Again, it’s not the value of you because you are invaluable, but it’s the value of the result that you provide. So important to differentiate between the two because I don’t ever want to say there’s a value on you, right?

People say, “Well, I’m going to charge what I’m worth.” Well if you were going to do that, you’d be charging millions of dollars. There is no dollar amount that can be attached to you as an individual. But you can decide and attach a dollar amount to the results that you provide for your clients, so I want to make sure that you guys are connecting the two.

And then the other thing that I saw pop up in the group that I’d like to address is the idea of the one thing. I think what happens is when you’re creating your business, you’re in the process. You’re getting clients here. You’re getting clients there. You’re probably a little scattered, and you’re trying to figure out, “How do I reach more people?”

And you think that if you can reach more people and be more general that you’ll have more clients, so you want to start talking about putting an audience here or this kind of audience, and I want to help all these people. And it doesn’t work that way. What happens is that your energy gets spread everywhere and then you don’t have to focus on your client. Then, what happens is that you don’t connect with your client because being able to connect with your clients is what takes that icky out of marketing.

So when you take that icky out of marketing, and you have a real connection, then there’s also no sales involved. It just becomes beautiful because they get what you do. You provide a service, and there’s a connection.

One of my students in my Spiritual Biz Boot Camp this week, he has his Facebook group, and he had someone who connected with him about his program. He was like, “It was the easiest thing ever. It was so easy.” There was no flow, and someone purchased his program like that. And he did it because there was a connection with his people. There was no selling. There was no uncomfortable marketing.

So when you can focus on the one audience that you are serving, that very specific audience, it will change your business because, as spiritual entrepreneurs, we say we can help everybody. Yes, you can help everybody, but not everybody wants to be helped. So when you can speak specifically to the people that want to be helped, that want your gift and what you have to offer, that is the key. That is really a game changer.

And I know in my Spiritual Biz Boot Camp, we spend – it’s an eight-week course – we spend literally the first three weeks getting super clear on who that is. Who is that ideal client? Because nothing else I can teach you guys will work if you don’t have that basis of that one client, that one thing, that really specific thing that you do. That is the biggest thing.

If you guys take nothing away from this group, and you’re in here just every now and then, know that you need to focus on the one thing. The one client. The one service you provide. And when you do that, it starts to spread like wildfire, and it’s really cool to see it. But when you focus on that one thing, you’re able to communicate with your clients. There’s no selling. There’s no marketing. It’s just so easy.

Like I said, one of my clients in my boot camp yesterday, he was like blown away with how easy it was to do that energy exchange of his services and the money energy exchange because he was providing a huge service, and the value that he had on it was directly tied to the results that that client was going to get. So remember that. So you must be charging. If you’re not charging, you’re not serving. And you’re not serving because people aren’t valuing what you do. And if you can really help change people’s lives, and they don’t value it, they’re not going to do it.

I always love the example, if you think about it – I have this happen to me all the time. If you give away free advice, and people just don’t listen, and then you’re like, “But I can help you fix that,” but you gave it away for free, and they never listen to you, it’s that same thing. So then you have to realize that that’s why you need to be charging.

And then, the number two thing is be super focused. Super, super focused and specific in who you’re helping and how you’re helping them. And if you can get those two things down, it’s a huge help in the right direction.

So I hope you guys have a beautiful day. When you’re ready to really step it up and want to have the success that my boot camp clients are having, you can private message me. That’s the best way to get a hold of me here on Facebook. Comment down below. Let me know how this helped.

If you guys have other questions, I know for a lot of you who are new, what I would do is I would watch the conversations happening within the group, and then I hop on, and I give you guys answers. I hope you guys have a beautiful weekend, and I’ll see you in the group later in the week. Have a beautiful day.



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