Thinking of Creating a Nonprofit?


Think Creating a Nonprofit is the Best Way to Serve? Think Again…

Hello everybody!  A couple of questions come up, but this one comes up quite often.  How do I create a nonprofit because I want to serve?  Well, although nonprofit sounds lovely, they are not the best way to serve because they are very difficult to get up and running.  You have to figure out many aspects before you get started,  aspects such as Whom do you serve? How do you serve? How do you get out there?

What happens when you are creating a nonprofit, you are ultimately setting yourself up for failure before you are able to give back. There is endless red tape and jumping through hoops to get set up. Your best bet is really to get out there and set up a for-profit. Let me explain.

So when you are thinking about giving back and serving, what you really want to do is create a business that will generate profit. When you have your business, then you can create a nonprofit or donate with your massive abundance. The more abundance you create, the more people you will be able to help and serve.

Having a nonprofit doesn’t really help people.  The best way to help people is by holding them at a higher vibration.  If you hold them at a higher vibration, you are showing them how they can help themselves.  When you are just giving, there is no energy exchange. You lose balance when you give and give. Because there is no energy exchange back, it gets very “wobbly.”

I am of the opinion that if you really want to serve, you first need to create a business that produces profit so you can then give back.  It bothers me to hold people in a low light and projecting our scarcity mindset on them.  If we can hold them at a higher light, we are also teaching them to raise up and helping them at a different level.  You need to get you settled and aligned first. Then, you can take your money and donate and make a positive difference. Watch my free masterclass and learn the 5 shifts my spiritual coaching clients are using to build 6-figure businesses to raise consciousness and the vibration of this planet here:



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