The Biggest Crime In Publishing

I want to talk today about the biggest crime out there in the world of publishing. And this is BIG! I talk to Spiritual Authors all the time, and it is a pretty amazing thing to be able to chat with them, and talk about their experience creating their baby, this book. Investing so much time and energy only for it to come out… to crickets. You’re left trying to figure out what happened. Where are the book sales? What I think is the biggest crime in publishing is that people are allowed to publish books, without a platform in place!

This is huge. Books are expensive! There is quite the energy exchange happening to write a book. It is an investment. I talk to authors, and it’s a shame to see this incredible content sitting on the shelves! Nobody knows about the book! The problem is that there is no platform in place.

So what is your platform? It’s all the places that your tribe can find you; your social media accounts, your mailing lists, anything that keeps you in contact with your tribe. Just posting on your personal Facebook page is not going to sell your book. Without having that platform in place, all that time, and energy, and investment are going to be sadly wasted!

I don’t want to see you put so much of yourself into creating your book, only to have it fall flat because you don’t have a platform in place to share it. I know how much energy I’ve put into my book! If you want to find your tribe, and start building your platform, check out my free Masterclass at



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