Stuck Trying to Find Clients?

Piecemealing Your Business Together is NOT the Right Approach

I want to talk about something that just came up. It was really interesting to hear that people are continuously piecemealing their business together.  You have one little piece here and another little piece there. You are blogging in one spot trying to find clients, you are working on your website, you are putting out flyers, and you have all of these little pieces everywhere, but you don’t have a foundation for your business. I know a lot of you are doing this. You are investing in your business, but you are doing it in the wrong way.

Usually the piecemealing technique is not working because you have things all over the place.  We are told to take different parts of our business, and people will come to us, and we will get clients. It doesn’t always happen that way. Piecemealing is not the way.

We don’t have a full plan. We are not looking at the full picture of how to put our business together, and we are not tapping into how to have a mentor to teach us how to piece the business together.

As spiritual entrepreneurs, we spend so much time and energy studying.  We study with our gurus and have done so many amazing things to enhance ourselves and our spiritually, but with our business,  we piecemeal it together.

As spiritual entrepreneurs,  you have these amazing gifts to give to the universe, and I see you struggling to create your business. That breaks my heart because I know there are so many more people you can reach and really create the ripple effect on the planet.  

It is really important to begin thinking about the foundation for your business that you need to create. If you don’t have a plan and foundation, piecemealing will not work.  Scattered pieces will not create financial abundance. Feed your business and watch as it grows and creates an abundant life that will enable you to grow yourself and give back.

We are all healers, and it is our job to get out there and share this message.  If you are ready to have a huge effect, then you need to have a foundation and a real business.  The business is vehicle to show who you are and that you can solve a problem and change someone’s life.  So, when you are starting this process, develop a foundation, have a real business in place, and have a strategy so you are able to get out there and serve at the highest level.

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