Need A Website But Have No Idea Where To Begin?

You may have seen my post recently called Ask Me Anything. Well, almost anything, lol. You can ask me anything about your spiritual business. I got some fantastic questions and would love to share one of them with you today. Dee F. from the UK writes in, “I haven’t started my business yet and I’m struggling with the first steps of getting a website together and driving traffic to my site. Where do I start?” 

Well, Dee, this is a common concern that most entrepreneurs have when they are first starting their business. The first thing I want to share with you is don’t stress and don’t spend a lot of money. What I would recommend doing is going over to Upwork and finding a web developer that specializes in word press website development. Upwork is a great way to find freelancers from all over the world. When you post your job, say you need to have a WordPress site create for a maximum of $500. You will have plenty of responses.

But before you hire that developer, you need to pick your URL, also known as your domain name, and then have it hosted through professional hosting company. The hosting company is what makes your website visible when it is typed into a browser. I recommend having your site hosted through Bluehost. They are reliable and professional, and the security is fantastic and inexpensive at about $5 a month. Next, the developer is going to need a word press theme to create your website. A great theme can make your website look cool and hip. I recommend a couple of web themes. One is called Epic-Jelly, and the other is Jupiter. They are simple, clean and modern. A theme will cost you about $60. You can look those themes up on Themeforest. You will need to purchase the theme and send the files to the web developer so they can begin creating your site.  

Now you just need to fill the site with amazing content!

I want to remind you of one very important thing. Websites don’t make you money. What? You heard me. Websites don’t make you money. YOU make you money. While driving traffic to your site is important, it’s not as important as you might think. The MOST IMPORTANT piece of the puzzle is building your tribe.

Without a tribe you have no business. So, I have a free gift for you, the 5 Steps To Build Your Tribe eBook. It gives you everything you need to know about finding and connecting with your unique tribe.


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