Stepping Out As a Spiritual Leader

One of the things I hear the most around my Spiritual Biz Success group, is that many of them are nervous to step out as a true Spiritual Entrepreneur. Whether they are nervous about what people are going to say, or scared of what their families may think, there is a definite road block for many of you that is keeping you from living the life Source wants you to live. It’s time to remember that Source gave you these gifts for a reason, and that it is truly a little bit selfish to not step out and share them.

Think about the gifts Source has given you like a beautiful flower, or a fancy painting by a famous artist. If you were given those gifts, and you kept them locked up in a closet for only you to see, it would be a little selfish. Those gifts are meant to be displayed, and their beauty shared with the world! It’s the same thing with your spiritual gifts. If you keep them to yourself, and don’t step out and share them with others, you are denying the world a beautiful thing.

We were born with these gifts from Source, and most of you have been aware of them for a long time, either since birth, or since the Universe decided to knock us upside the head until we recognize them! I’m sure many of you have experienced friends or family treating your gifts as a sort of “dog and pony show”, asking you for readings and advice as a cheap gimmick, and not understanding the true potential of what you have. When we are surrounded by this lack of recognition of our true potential, it can be easy to not take it as seriously, or to ever think that you could actually make a career out of those gifts.

It is time to make a change. This planet needs you! Just look around at everything that is going on. We need to create this force of people that will come together to raise the vibration. It is time for you to step out in a massive way, and truly embrace the gifts that Source has given you. Do not let those doubts and fears keep you from getting where you want to go. Take the leap, and trust that Source has you through the entire process.

If you are ready to take the leap, then perhaps Spiritual Biz Bootcamp is right for you. Check out my free Masterclass “5 Shifts To A 6 Figure Spiritual Business” here:, and if we are a vibrational match. You can then book a call with my team, and finally step out as the Spiritual Entrepreneur you were meant to be!



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