Spiritual Integrity and Money

Be the Best Version of You

There seems to be a lot of contrast and angst around the concepts of money and spirituality. I hear people all the time saying it is an oxymoron to be spiritual and charge money for their gifts. I am asked how I can see myself as having spiritual integrity by charging for my  services, when the people that need this the most, are the ones whom we should be helping for free. This is a totally backwards way of thinking!

If I want to be in integrity with who I am, and with who Source has created me as, I will  always see you in the highest light. By seeing you in the highest light, I know that you don’t need a handout because you are fully connected to Source. You can do whatever you desire,  because you have the power to create your life so you can be the best version of you. ,

It’s when we are not in full connection with Source that we begin to operate with a scarcity mentality.. This is when we start saying, “well, I don’t have…” or “I can’t do…”. These situations occur because you have disconnected from  Source, and it gives us a wobbly feeling that can be very hard to overcome. When you lose that connection with Source, THAT is when you lose spiritual integrity.

Remember that there is abundance everywhere we look. Source has provided us with all we will ever need, so much, that we may not even see it. There is no lack of light in the world, it is all around us. It is man that gets in the way of this  way of thinking. Think of all the birds in the sky, and the fish in the sea. They don’t rely on us for food or shelter. There is abundance everywhere, and it is our birthright to be abundant and that is how we maintain our spiritual integrity.

When someone says that the only way to be in spiritual integrity is to give your gifts to others free of charge, that is not spiritual integrity, that is scarcity.  There must be an exchange of energy or everything will be out of balance. We must get out of the scarcity mentality, and begin to eradicate the poverty mindset! You need to see your clients in their highest light, and know  that they can afford to do an energy exchange with you, in the form of energy money, because Source has provided us all with abundance.

So be in full spiritual integrity with who you are. Remember that abundance is waiting for you. There is no lack or worry. Hold yourself and others in the highest light, and know that there is no limit because Source is your partner.

I know that these ideas are going to push some buttons, and they should! There is a paradigm shift happening right now, and we are in the process of removing the taboo around spirituality and money. If you are interested in learning more about this AND the five shifts my spiritual coaching clients are using to raise consciousness and the vibration of this planet, reserve your spot in my free masterclass at www.spiritualbizsuccess.com.



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