Why You Are Being Selfish if You Aren’t Earning 6 Figures as a Spiritual Coach


Hey, everybody. Hello, I am Kimberly Maska, founder of Spiritual Biz Bootcamp. Hello, Spiritual Biz Success peeps. Love you guys in my Facebook group. So this morning I want to kind of talk about the money piece around being a spiritual coach, what that looks like, and I’d like to say something that really sparks some people. I talk about the fact that you’re being selfish if you aren’t earning at least six figures in your spiritual business, and people go, “Well, that’s selfish that I’m even saying that,” the fact that we want to be earning money doing what we love appears to be a selfish thing.

So let’s talk about that and why it’s a must, why you absolutely should be earning six figures in your spiritual business. When we go to start our coaching businesses as spiritual coaches, there are all these little things around us about money. Right? You shouldn’t charge for your gift. You need to give it away for free, that it’s a bad thing if you’re charging.

We get stuck with all this money nonsense that gets put on us because really it has come from somewhere, right? We weren’t born thinking money was bad. Someone told us that we shouldn’t be charging and that we shouldn’t be abundant, that we’re supposed to be in scarcity, and all this other crazy nonsense. So when we go to build our spiritual coaching businesses, we bring that with us.  When we bring that with us, man, does that make it hard to be successful.

I know, for me, I am really sick and tired of seeing you guys, you spiritual entrepreneurs out there,  being broke and struggling with your business because it does not have to be that way, nor should it be that way. This is not what it’s about guys. You should be living in full abundance.

So when we’re talking about creating income around our business, so many times spiritual coaches say, “Well, but I just want to help the people. It’s not about the money. I just want to help the people. I just want to get my message out there, and that’s it.” Here’s the problem with that. There’s a disconnect when we do that, when we say we just want to help.

Well, what does that really mean? We just want to help – “just want to help the people.” We need to really have a business in place. We have to have a business in place because there has to be an energy exchange that happens. How many times do you guys give and give and give and give, and you don’t receive, and you’re out of balance, and you become grumpy and things are really off? We see it a lot. I see it all the time, especially with spiritual people because we give so much of ourselves, and then we don’t receive in. There’s this out-of-balance thing, like everything’s out of whack, and that’s not where it needs to be

Everything needs to be in balance. Obviously, nature is always in balance unless man steps in and messes with stuff. So nature is always in balance. So we need to be in balance, so we’re creating our spiritual businesses. There has to be a balance of energy of what we give and what we receive. It’s just how it’s supposed to be.

So if you really want to help the people and you really want to serve, what you need to be doing is to create a business where you can really serve the people. When you create the business, you’re able to step out at a much bigger level. When someone says, “I just want to help the people,” I’m like, “Great, do you have your spiritual business up and running? And how much are you making with that business?”

Here’s the other thing. You need to have that energy exchange. That energy exchange you’re giving, you have to receive. That energy exchange is going to be in the form of money when you have a business, and you have to have that balance.

Now, when you have this business and you’re serving other people, what happens is they start to do amazing things because they’re believing in themselves, and there’s an energy exchange. When you give stuff away for free, people don’t use it. They don’t use it. They don’t stick with things. I’ve given all sorts of things away for free, and people just don’t use them. It’s amazing. So you want to make sure that there’s the energy exchange.

Now, when I’m talking about your business and this six figures thing, I say if you’re not earning six figures, you’re being selfish. Why? First, that means you’re not serving enough people because if you’re really serving at a high level, then what happens?

So when you are really serving, you’re serving lots of people. Thousands of people. When you’re serving thousands, there’s an energy exchange. So if you’re not earning six figures, that means you’re not serving at a high level. That means you’re helping one or two people. You’re not helping thousands and thousands of people.

If you were to help thousands and thousands of people, you would be earning six figures. That’s that whole energy exchange thing. That’s what happens when you’re serving thousands of people. You’re earning six figures and more. So if you’re not earning six figures, it’s showing me that you are not stepping out in a major way. And that is selfish.

The second thing is if you’re not earning six figures, that means you’re not charging enough. You’re giving stuff away for free. You’re just charging small amounts, and that shows me that not only do you not value what you do; you don’t value your clients. This is an interesting thing.

If you aren’t charging because you think your clients can’t do this or they can’t afford it or they don’t have, the first thing you’ve done here is you’ve put your clients in scarcity mode. You’ve taken that energy, that self-limiting belief you have in your head about where your clients are, and you’ve given them your scarcity.

So the minute you say, “Well, my clients can’t afford,” or, “I don’t know who can afford that,” or, “People don’t have money,” you’ve now taken your self-limiting belief around money and abundance, and you’ve given it this energy of scarcity. And now, you’re putting that energy of scarcity on your clients. If you’re not charging enough, you’re in this out-of-balance mode again.

So you’re not charging, and so you’re not earning six figures, and that shows me that you don’t value what you’re doing. And not only that; you don’t value your clients because you’re looking down on them and saying they don’t have. They can’t. They can’t afford. All this negativity and all this scarcity. So we need to be able to hold our clients in the highest light, and of course, they can figure it out.

Of course, they’re abundant. We’re all abundant. Abundance is everywhere. Give them the credit of seeing them at the highest level of who they are and that they can create and actually serve themselves. So if you aren’t earning six figures, again, we know that you aren’t stepping out enough, and now we see that you aren’t valuing yourself and that you’re really kind of like holding your customers in low negative vibration.

We don’t want to do that. We don’t want to hold them in scarcity. If we’re in scarcity, we need to deal with our own scarcity, create our own abundance, so that we can see that everyone else can absolutely be abundant, as well.

So then, the third part, if you’re not earning six figures, here’s the thing, you’re not going to be able to give back because when you’re scarcity and you are hanging on to your money because you don’t have enough, and you’re not sure how to pay the rent, and you’re not sure where the next check’s coming from, or you’re not sure how to feed the kids, or whatever it is, when you’re in that scarcity mode, you’re not able to give. You’re not able to donate. You’re not able to do that energy exchange back out into the world where you’re able to give freely. See, when you are abundant and you’re creating a life that’s six figures and beyond, you can easily give money away.

I talk about tithing. And for me, tithing is not to a church. Tithing is just putting the energy back out to the universe. So when you’re putting the energy back out into the universe, you have to have that abundance to do that. You have to be able to give it out, and tithing is ten percent of your income. You can do that gross or net, but ten percent of your income to go back out to the universe.

Where are you going to put that? What donation are you going to make to which different places? The holidays are coming up. Where are you going to donate? What does that look like for you? Well, when you’re in scarcity mode, you can’t do that.

The only time you think about donating is at Christmas because people are in front of you saying you have to donate for Christmas to the Salvation Army or what have you so we can feed people for Christmas. That’s the only time we seem to think about it – when we’re in scarcity mode because we’re like, “Oh, it’s the season to give.” Well, it should always be the season to give. We should always have the abundance to be able to give back.

So if you aren’t earning the six figures and beyond, I know you’re sitting in scarcity. It’s tough living on less than six figures. It’s, “How am I making the car payment? How am I feeding the kids? How am I paying the rent?”

If you don’t have that extra money, then you’re not giving it away because you’re holding on to it because you’re like, “I don’t know where the next one’s coming from.” We’re sitting in scarcity mode again. That doesn’t serve anybody. There’s abundance everywhere, so you have to be able to shift your mindset, and see, “I need to be earning six figures. If I’m earning $100,000 a year, I can give $10,000 away.”

Can you imagine that? What can you do with $10,000? How many books can you buy for kids at schools? How many animals can you save from a shelter? How many families can you feed this Christmas if you had an extra $10,000 to donate? What could you do? You want to help the people? You want to just help the people? Start your business.

I don’t know what else you’re doing. If you’re working at a job that you don’t like, that you’re struggling with, that you just come home miserable and exhausted, and you’re short with your family, and all of that that comes with it when we are in a job that we don’t like when we’re creating money when we’re not happy. When we create money when we’re not happy, that money never ever, ever satisfies us because we feel like we’re owed something.

So create money from a place of being in alignment with Source. That’s the only way we should be creating money. Be in alignment with Source. Create the abundance that you deserve. Be able to create the abundance so that you can give back and be able to know that you are creating abundance because people love what you’re doing.

Money is love, guys. When people love things, what do they do? They buy them. When people love what you do, what are they going to do? They’re going to pay you for what you do. When people really love you, you get an energy exchange. You get an energy exchange of money.

So you need to be able to see that if you’re aren’t creating a six-figure income with your spiritual business, something’s very wrong. And you really need to be out there living your purpose, being happy. You’re here to be happy. You’re not here to be struggling and be in scarcity. You need to be living the amazing life that my clients are living, that I’m living being able to serve and create abundance, being able to really help people reach their dreams.

When you can start helping people reach their dreams, oh my goodness, it’s amazing. One of the coolest things is when I see my Spiritual Biz Bootcamp clients send me images of their clients sending them cards saying, “Thank you for what you do.” My clients tell me all the time, “Thank you for what you do so I can create my spiritual business, live in abundance, live in just waking up and knowing that it’s my purpose every day.” That’s the most incredible feeling, and that’s the gift I want everybody to have, is to wake up, roll out of bed, and know that you’re doing something absolutely amazing.

So if you aren’t creating that six-figure business right now, you really need to evaluate and look at yourself and be like, “Do I want 2017 and 2018 to look the same?” I don’t think so. We’re here to expand, and we’re here to grow. 2018 should be amazing for you. What is your plan to make 2018 amazing? Are you going to be working at the same job being miserable, getting up in the morning, sitting in traffic, working with a boss you don’t like? Is that what your 2018 is going to look like

Are you finally going to take the leap take the jump to live your purpose? What are you going to do in 2018? What does that look like for you? Are you ready to take the jump and live your purpose and get out there and know that you’re really helping the people? You really want to help the people? Help them by creating your business, taking your gifts, getting them out there, having faith and belief in them, holding them at their highest levels so that they can create abundance to be able to do an energy exchange with you so that you can change their life. That is what we are here to do on this planet.

There is a shift happening. We know it. We’re all awakening. We see people around us every day. What is your role in this shift? Are you going to continue to sit in where you are and wonder what it would be like to live your purpose? Or are you actually going to get up and do something about it? And if you’re ready to get up and do something about it, and you’re ready to make your 2018 rock, you’re ready to really live your purpose, get out there and create that six-figure business, book a call with us.

My team and I are always here to help you really think through, “What does that look like?” We call it a Breakthrough Session for a reason, because everyone always has a major “aha” and breakthrough. We’re here to serve you, but be ready. Make sure this is what you really want. This is not for people who are curious, who are wondering.

When you’re serious, I’m seriously looking for the 5,000 spiritual entrepreneurs that are going to change the world in the next five years. So if you are one of them, reach out to us. I will post the link here, or you can go to kimberlymaska.com/apply, and we will help you work through that. I will post a link here for you guys to watch my free training, and if you feel that we are a vibrational match at the end of that training, you can book your call.

So guys, really make 2018 count. You’re here for a reason. You’re here to be abundant. You’re here to create an amazing life for yourself and your family. It’s time to do it. I don’t know what you’re waiting for. So I’m Kimberly Maska. I’m the founder of Spiritual Biz Bootcamp, and I am here to help you shift your vibration and your consciousness around money, spirituality, and business, and I will see you guys later on in the Facebook group, so have a beautiful day. Bye, guys.



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