Responding to Low Income Clients

Someone posted a question for me the other day, so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to answer. She was asking about potential clients, and what to do if you find that they are on a fixed income, or on disability, and cannot afford her services. This is a very sensitive subject, and I might be a little controversial with my response, but here it goes!

If we are really going to be Spiritual Leaders and Healers, we have to remember that we are creators of our own realities. When we look at clients in terms of “they can’t” or “they don’t have”, we are really holding them in the lowest light. That is the absolute wrong space to be in as a Spiritual Leader. We need to be holding our clients in the highest light. We need to see them in their full glory and full potential of who they are, whoever that client is, disabled or not.

It is a tough situation sometimes, because as Spiritual Leaders we want to be able to help everyone. When we find those clients that we want to help but we’re worried they “can’t afford me”, we need to stop, and make sure we are holding them in the highest light. Have the conversation with them, and let them know that you see them for who they truly are, that they CAN do this! Tell them that if it’s their true calling to work with you, they will find that abundance, and find a way to make it happen for themselves.

We cannot put limitations on people. The problem is, society is putting labels and limitations on people every day. People are constantly be put into one box or another, and having their story told for them. We need to be the ones to break those patterns. To tell our clients that we see them for who they truly are, and that we know that they are capable of anything. Hold your clients in the highest light, and watch them rise to it!

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