What Problem Do You Solve for Your Tribe?


All right, good morning everybody. Welcome, my Spiritual Biz Success people. How are you guys doing this morning? Okay, so this morning, we are talking about problem solving. I had a post in the group the other day that was all about problem solving. I asked, “What problem do you solve for your tribe?” And there were some beautiful answers, but nine out of ten did not actually address a problem that you’re solving for your tribe.

So first, let’s talk about why you’re not connecting with your tribe. So a lot of you are out there. You’re trying to create your spiritual business, and you’re really having issues finding the right clients, knowing who they are, being able to connect with them. Even when you have a bit of a tribe, somehow there is a disconnect. You’re not able to really get to connect with them at a point where they build trust, they see you as an authority figure, and then you’re able to convert them into clients.

So I know this is a big point with people. So this is a missing point, and so when I talk about problem solving, what I mean is that I need you to or your clients need you to connect with them and connect with them intimately, and we do that by usually connecting through a problem. So when you think about, if you’re in the corporate world or you’ve been in the corporate world, or really any kind of job or group of people, people get together, and they talk about their problems. They commiserate together. They talk about the bad boss. They talk about this person that did this.

It’s all this little gossip stuff, but what they do is they connect over a problem that they are all experiencing, and even though, as spiritual entrepreneurs, we don’t like to focus on the problem, we focus on where we want to go, which I absolutely am 1000 percent behind. We always need to focus on where we want to go.

However, when we’re trying to connect with our tribe, we need to let them know that we understand them and that we understand them really at an intimate level. Once you know someone intimately, you know their problems. You know what they’re going through and where they’re struggling and where they’re upset and the things that they want to fix. So as an entrepreneur, when you’re looking for those clients, you need to be able to connect with them at that level, and if you’re having trouble connecting with your clients, you’re having trouble really finding that tribe and building that tribe in a big way, it’s because you’re missing this piece.

There are so many pieces to this, but this is a really major one, and I know in my Spiritual Biz Bootcamp with my clients, we focus on this all the time, and it’s like this is all I talk about is like what’s the problem you’re solving because it’s so easy for us to look at the bigger picture and talk about, “I want to give you a happy and balanced life. I want to show you how to live your purpose,” and all those things are so general. They’re great, but they’re so general that there’s not a connection with the people who really need your help. So you’re not serving by talking about, “Oh, here’s this amazing way I can make your life look,” because they’re not connecting with you.

So what I want to do is I want to read to you guys. A bunch of you answered. I think a whole ton of you answered the question, “What problem do you solve for your tribe?” And what I want to do is I want to just talk about a few of them and why they don’t work even though they’re beautifully done. So I’m not going to use any names. I’m just going to use what it is, but these were all in the comments.

So one of was staying positive. Okay, that’s not solving a problem. That’s something that if someone’s got issues they’re like, “I’m going to help you stay positive,” and not only does it not solve a problem for them, it actually doesn’t even address the end results, like what are the benefits of staying positive. So you have to think about this as the problem and what are the benefits to the solution, and you’re the solution. Working with you is the solution, and then how do they get the benefits from that?

So another one was, “I help spiritually responsible seekers unearth and pinpoint the mental blocks that stop them from manifesting what they want.” So this one’s closer because we’re talking about the blocks that are stopping them from manifesting, but they still won’t connect on that because they don’t get that they have blocks, and they don’t get that that’s why they’re not manifesting. So the real problem that you’re solving for them here is showing them how to fix a certain thing in their life.

So let’s just say we’re trying to find more love, and they’re out of alignment, so their relationships are out of alignment. So when you talk to them about, “I’m going to help you manifest,” that’s great. That’s a beautiful thing, but that’s kind of like the result of what you’re doing because when you talk to them about more of the problem and the problem is that their relationships aren’t great, and they are not able to connect with people, you’re like, “I’m going to show you how to connect with your relationships so that you can have amazing intimate relationships with your significant other or your children.”

So you see, if they have a problem with the relationship with their significant other or children, you’re going to connect with them on that issue. So I’m going to keep driving this home. I’m going to use a couple more examples.

So here’s another one that someone wrote was to love yourself unconditionally. Well, yes, that’s a beautiful thing to show them, but again, there’s no problem. Like, what’s the benefit of loving yourself unconditionally, and what’s the problem they’re facing right now?

The problem they’re facing right now is probably depression and emptiness and maybe a little self-loathing and not seeing their worth and their value, which is affecting their relationships. Because they feel unworthy, they’re unable to love. They’re unable to give love because they don’t have love within themselves, and then also, it’s probably affecting their work because they don’t feel worthy, they’re not getting paid enough, so they’re feeling resentful at work. Do you see how there’s like a ripple effect, this like tumbling weed of these problems based off of the solution the you’re providing?

So when you can talk to them about the problem, you’re going to make that connection, and I know this is not an easy process because truly we cover this every week in my Spiritual Biz Bootcamp, which is eight weeks. We talk about this constantly because we always fall back into wanting to help and serve, and we go to help and serve. It’s a beautiful thing to help and serve, but the connecting with your tribe, that’s how you really serve.

If you’re not connecting with them, if you guys are out there, and you’ve got all sorts of posts, and you know, maybe you’re e-mailing your people, and you’re trying to make all these connections, you’ve got stuff on Facebook, you’ve got stuff on Twitter, and you’re like, “I have no clients. I don’t understand,” this is part of the problem.  You’re missing that connection point because that connection point is key. It’s about really knowing them intimately.

Once you have that intimate knowledge of your tribe, you can talk to them. Think about your best friend. Think about like your best friend and how much you know about them, and you know what problems they’re going through. When you talk to them, you’re talking to them about their problems. You’re connecting, and then you’re providing a solution. It’s the same idea. You have to have that relationship built with your clients to be able to make that connection fully happen.

Let me see if there was anybody else. Let’s see. I wanted to address this one, actually. They provide clarity and guidance around life’s issues by providing helpful information, tips and tricks, and angelic advice. Again, we’re just talking to them about, “Here’s how I can help you,” but we haven’t connected with them.

Good morning, Sue. Sue is in the boot camp. She’s amazing, and so we’re not connecting with them here because what you’re doing is you’re telling them what to do. See, here’s another thing that we do as entrepreneurs, and in general, because we have this information and we want to share it and like, “I can help you with this. I can do this. Here’s what I do. I can give you angelic readings. I can show you how to change your life. I can show you…,” but you notice all those sentences start with “I.”

“I can show you. I can do this for you,” which doesn’t help them. They don’t really care what you can do. They want to know what you can do for them. So when you’re thinking about how you’re speaking with your tribe, they always think like, “What’s in it for me?” They’re going to be thinking, “What’s in it for me?” So when you talk to them in their mind, they’re going, “Well, what’s in it for me? Sure, you can give me an angelic reading, but how does that help me? What’s in it for me?”

You have to be thinking at that level all the time. So with that particular post, you can provide clarity and guidance but for what? That’s still not the problem. You have to really know your tribe to go to that deep problem and be able to solve that problem.

And then, the other one I wanted to mention is, “My clients can’t sense and feel and know what I do. My service is solving and filling in the gaps,” but solving what and filling in what gaps? And it’s okay that your clients don’t know what you do. They don’t actually really care. If you think about it, if you told them, okay, they’re suffering from depression, and you’re going to clear their energy. You’re going to do some Reiki on them, and then you’ll maybe do some Akashic record reading, and you have all these things that you do, but they’re not going to sign up with you for that. They’re going to sign up with you because you’re solving the problem.

So if they’re going through depression, and maybe their biggest thing is they just feel alone, and they’re unconnected, right, so we know people in this arena right now, in this dimension. Everyone’s got so much going on in their heads, they’re not connecting with other people, so they’re feeling very alone. So that’s one of the things you’re addressing, this loneliness that they’re going through, that you’re talking to them about the loneliness. What does that do?

That means that they’re disconnected from their spouse. They’re probably disconnected from their kids, and they’re disconnected from their kids. Kids grow up so fast, and you don’t want to miss that time to be connected with them. And your spouse, how could you live with someone that you’re not connected with? So you’re going to talk to them about that problem, that disconnect, and how that shows up in their lives.

Again, if they’re not connected at work, they’re probably not getting paid enough, or they’re miserable. They can’t sleep at night because they know they have to get up and go to work and see these people that they don’t like, and they can’t sleep because they’re looking at their spouse in the bed next to them, and they’re like, “I’m not connected. Who is this person lying next to me?” So those are the problems that you have to talk to, and how you solve that problem is less of an issue.

You don’t Want to really tell them, “I’m going to sell you Reiki.” You don’t really want to tell them, “I’m going to do Akashic readings,” because you’re going to miss that connection. That connection point is on the problem that you solve. That is like the biggest thing.

Jennifer. Jennifer’s also in the boot camp. Good morning. You have to understand on a really deeper — She’s in the middle of doing her avatar. She just joined Spiritual Biz Bootcamp, but she’s going through this whole process. So it’s really constant. The whole boot camp is all about defining this avatar, but that first two weeks is really deep, and everyone gets… It’s a deep emotional thing to be able to connect with that avatar and being able to really know – avatar being your ideal client – and again knowing that problem.

So for all of you that responded to the post where I said, “What’s the problem that you solve?” in this video down below, post again. Really talk about the problem that you solve, not how you solve it, not the end result, not that you’re going to show them how to have a happy life. Talk about the problem that you solve, and it’s a mind shift that you have to do. You really have to start to think about, “What does that look like for them?” And you only know what that looks like for them if you’re connecting with them intimately.

So that is it, guys. That is the problem that you solve lesson. If you guys are going through this process, I actually do have a little program. Here is the link to the four-video course about building your tribe that includes this piece: Building Your Unique Tribe Course. So if you guys are interested, you can check that out. But when you guys are really ready to step it up, if you already have clients, and you’re really struggling, I want to make sure you guys are like an expert on this.

But if you’re an expert on what you’re doing, you are struggling to find your clients, and you’re really ready to take it to another level, private message me. Spiritual Biz Bootcamp is amazing. My clients are doing amazing things, but it’s not for newbies. Just want to say if you are a newbie, stay right where you are. Learn everything that I’m showing you guys. Go through the process of growing and getting those clients. When you’ve got what you would call a business, and you’re starting that process, and you’re out there, and it’s become a very, very expensive hobby, and you’re ready to be done with it and really create that financial abundance and serve at the highest level, then private message me, guys.

We can talk about the boot camp, so… And James, good morning, James and Sharland. How are you guys? Oh, and Trisha’s here, too. Look at all you guys. Trisha’s in the boot camp. Sharland is creating the abundance. She’s made a huge commitment to the universe to join the boot camp, which is awesome, and she’s asking the universe for the abundance so that she can fully step up and really invest in herself and her business, and she’s been amazing, and then James. James is awesome. James is making huge steps, huge strides, and congratulations on that because that is a big thing to be able to come to terms with where you were.

I love watching the growth with all of you guys because a lot of you guys are all in here. You guys are amazing, actually. Good morning, Debbie. Debbie’s in the boot camp, too, and I have all my boot camp people in here. Perfect. I’m going to say your name right, Nikola. So if you listen to this, if you missed it, I actually used one of your examples, so kind of listen to it, and you can go back and see what I was talking about – how you can get clarification.

All right, guys, if you don’t have any questions, then I think we are good. That was actually pretty quick. So go figure out your problems. Post them down below in this video so that we can see that you’re actually solving a problem, and when you are ready to solve your problem of no clients and having a very expensive business, private message me, and we can talk about boot camp. So all right, guys. Have a beautiful day, great safe weekend, and I will see you next week. Bye.




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