Pricing Your Spiritual Gift


Hello, Facebook peeps. Hello, my family, Spiritual Biz Success. How is everybody doing? So this is a last minute kind of impromptu training that I wanted to discuss because last week I had done a post that was talking about if a spiritual business is an oxymoron, having a business that is also spiritual, and how do we bring those together. If you guys missed the post, it’s down below. But I’ll share a little bit of the idea.

It’s that, if we have a business and it’s spiritual… Everything we do is spiritual, first of all, right? We’re spiritual beings having a physical experience here in this dimension. So everything we do is spiritual. So why is it okay for us to have businesses or do jobs or working in things that really don’t feed our soul and make money doing those things? Why is it okay for us to make money when we’re out of alignment instead of being, living with our purpose, serving others, and creating financial abundance that way? And I find it just fascinating how people get all caught up with the energy exchange of money when it comes to your spiritual business.

So let’s just, again, take a minute to really think it through about it’s not okay to be creating financial abundance, or just money in general, earning money, if you’re out of alignment with what you’re doing. It doesn’t make any sense. That money will never satisfy you.

The money that you create when you’re out of alignment will never satisfy you because you’re always going to feel like you deserved more. You worked so hard for this. It was such a pain in the rear. You had this boss you didn’t like. So you’re always going to feel like you needed more, deserved more. Now, money is never going to satisfy you. But if you can get into alignment with what you’re doing and living your soul purpose, that’s when creating financial abundance is amazing. Not only amazing, but it feeds your soul. And you’re able to take that financial abundance and share it with others.

So in the post that I had about having a spiritual business and “Is it an oxymoron…” Hello, Shalom. Thank you so much. So in that post that I had that talked about, “Is the spiritual business an oxymoron?” it’s not an oxymoron because what really and truly is wrong is being out there creating financial abundance when you’re completely out of alignment, and you’re miserable with what you’re doing.

So in that post, someone also made a comment about how hard it is for them to ask for money for their spiritual gifts. I believe she was a healer, so being able to ask money in exchange for that. And I want to address that as well because that energy exchange is incredibly important. Everything in the universe is in balance. We have to keep everything in balance. So what we give we must receive and vice versa.

So if you are offering a service for your tribe, you want to make sure you are asking about… Hello, Robert. Yes, Daniel is amazing And so being able to ask for that energy exchange is huge. So first, when you aren’t asking for an energy exchange of money – and I’m going to use money because in this dimension, this is what we need while we’re here. Like it or not, it is what we need to be able to survive.

So we have to ask for that energy exchange. And when we don’t, it throws everything out of balance. So first of all, when you’re giving and giving and giving and you’re not getting that energy exchange back, you’re already kind of going against a universal law. Why would you do that? Why would you give it away for free? And then what happens (when you give your services away for free) is then nobody values them. They’re just like, “Oh, it was free.” Or, “He didn’t charge that much. How good could he be if he’s giving away his stuff for free? How could he be if he’s only charging $25, $100?” Or, “How good could she be?” Either way.

I tell this story of Gil Alan, who’s a great medium. He’s been in Spiritual Biz Magazine. For those of you who are new to the group, I have a magazine called Spiritual Biz Magazine, which you can find at He was interviewed, and he is amazing. If you want to do a session with him now, it’s several thousands of dollars to be able to work with him. But when he first started out, he was charging just a little bit. And someone said, “How good could he be if he’s only charging 100 bucks an hour? He can’t possibly be that good.”

See, there’s a perception with that. When you give your stuff away for free, and you’re not charging for it, people just think you’re not that good. And when we have something that we think isn’t that good, we really don’t value it, right? When was the last time someone gave you something for free, and you like threw it in the corner? It was a book, whatever it was. Someone could’ve even given you a free e-course.

You see that. There’s all these free courses out there that you can sign up for. And do you ever actually go in and do them? No, it doesn’t happen. I know the statistics. When I give out free stuff, I know who open those things and who doesn’t. I know who actually goes through the courses, and they just don’t do it. So you’re not serving.

If you have a gift and you’re giving it away (so people kind of think it’s not worth anything), you’re not serving them. Because if you have something that you could use to really help someone and change their life, but they don’t value you it, and because they don’t value it, they don’t take advantage of it. And they stay exactly where they are, stuck and miserable in whatever issue is going on that you could have solved. You are not serving.

So you have to sit with that. You have to get that you are not serving anyone by giving away your gift for free. And least of all, you’re not serving yourself because you have to be able to be the best version of you to serve your clients at the highest level. And if you’re struggling and you’re frustrated and you’re out of alignment with everything, you can’t possibly serve them at the highest level because you haven’t even taken care of yourself first. So that energy exchange is incredibly, incredibly important.

You guys have to understand that it’s not only okay to ask for that energy exchange of money for what you’re giving, it’s absolutely necessary, and it’s a universal law. I mean, you have to keep everything in balance. If you go out into nature, everything is in balance until man screws with it. Right? Everything happens as it should. So let’s not screw with this process of being able to… You have that energy exchange, that balance of giving and receiving.

And then, also think of it this way… If you’re still kind of on the fence about, “Well, I’m still a little uncomfortable,” and all that kind of nonsense… I’ll answer your questions in a minute, Robert. But when you come to that point, and you’re still not entirely sure, think of this… It feels really good to receive. Really good. I mean, I’m sorry. Let me rephrase that. It feels really good to give.

When we give something to someone or we help someone, doesn’t it feel amazing to do that? Now think about it the other way around, is that you are basically preventing someone from feeling that amazing goodness when you tell them, “Eh, you don’t have to give me anything.” Because we know how good it feels to give. So when you’re just letting people give and give and give to you without that exchange, there’s this thing where they miss out on the receiving. I don’t know why I have this backwards today. But the receiving — they’re taking and taking, and they don’t give. You’re actually robbing them of the experience of being able to give because it feel really good to give.

When someone does something amazing for you, and if you give them, whether it’s an energy exchange of money or whatever it is, it feels good. So if you don’t allow people to give you something because you’re giving your stuff away for free, you’re robbing them that experience of having it feel really good about giving you something. And now you’re robbing them that experience; you’re robbing them of the experience of really being able to serve them at the highest level because they’re not going to value what you do.

And if you could really change someone’s life with the gift that you have, and you’re giving it away for free and you’re not doing it, that’s flat-out wrong. Talk about being at the opposite level of service. You are just not serving them by doing that.

So this is a new thing. It’s a new way of looking at it, I know. This is a bit of a paradigm shift that I’m very big on because I know the spiritual entrepreneurs out there, all of you guys out there, have amazing gifts. And my goal is to have 5,000 spiritual entrepreneurs create 5,000 spiritual businesses in the next 5 years so we can help in this paradigm shift. And I know this is an uncomfortable thing. And I know this is a shift that I’m creating, that I’m helping you change your consciousness level about, because we see money in so many… I don’t know why we’ve been told so many horrible things about money.

But money is how you build schools. Money is how you feed families. Money is how you deliver clean water around this planet. Without that financial abundance, without money, nothing happens here. So money is an amazing thing, and it’s fantastic that you have a gift you can exchange that energy of money for. You aren’t serving if you aren’t doing that. If you want to serve at your highest level, you have to be able to say, “I deserve this energy exchange.” You have to honor that.

So any of you guys that are out there giving this away for free, cut it out. Plain and simple. Cut it out because you’re not serving. You’re not helping anyone. You need to be able to own who you are and get in vibrational alignment with what you want, and know that what you’re doing is amazing and being able to ask for that energy exchange. And it will come to you. It will come to you. But you have to be in alignment first because what’s happening now is you’re giving it away for free because you don’t feel the value. You don’t see the worth.

And so you’re out of alignment. You’re totally out of alignment with what your higher being wants you to do. And when you’re out of alignment with that, that’s why it doesn’t work. That’s why it gets wobbly. So you guys have to be in alignment with where you want to go. You have to be willing to accept that energy exchange of money, which feels amazing. Now, let them feel amazing for sharing that with you. And then you can serve at a higher level.

So you guys in here, if you guys are ready to step it up, and you already have clients, and you’re ready to step it up to a whole new level, private message me. Let me know. You don’t have a business yet at all. Keep watching. Just keep watching. Get out there and follow all the stuff that I have. I have all sorts of things that I post for you guys. That’s where you need to be. When you’ve got some clients under your belt and you’re ready to really get out there and serve, call us. Let me know. Private message me. I’ll let you know what you can do.

My clients are doing amazing things. They’re totally stepping it up, and it’s pretty incredible. So let me answer some of the questions. I saw some questions pop here, so… Shalom, thank you. I hope I’m saying your name right. Thank you, and… Yes, Robert, yes. Daniel’s pretty amazing. For those of you who don’t know, Daniel Pape is my spiritual partner. Many of you have spoken with him. You’ll see him in our stuff, and he’s our senior writer on Spiritual Biz Magazine. And he has some great ways of looking at things to get perspective shifting.

And Robert asks, “Do you talk to people who offer personal and spiritual development?” All of the time. My clients do that for people all the time. So, yes. My clients are helping others do that, get into their alignment with where they want to go. That’s helping them with their spiritual development. Those out there who aren’t quite ready to take it to the next level and working on the internal stuff, I think that’s pretty much what most of my clients do for their clients. So yes, Robert, we do that all the time.

All right, guys. If you have any other questions, pop them in the box. I’m here for a couple more minutes. But that kind of sums it all up. My whole thing for you guys is we have to be serving at the highest level. We have to get out there and really help with this paradigm shift. It’s amazing what we can do. It’s incredible what we can do when we’re all in alignment and all in touch with our highest selves and with Source. It’s amazing. So the more people you guys can help get out of that crazy monkey talk, all that nonsense that goes on in their brains that keeps them out of alignment with what’s going on with them internally, but they’re so busy with the outside, if you guys can help someone get rid of that whole thought process and really get in touch with themselves, then you absolutely need to be out there. There’s just no excuse on it.

And Sue, yes, completely changed her view of money. Sue’s in my Spiritual Biz Bootcamp, and she’s made some amazing, amazing shifts. And being able to change that perspective on money has been a huge one, which has been awesome. You guys, as spiritual entrepreneurs, I’ll say if you want to serve, if you really want to serve, you need to have that vehicle. That vehicle is your business. You need to really be serious, not have an expensive hobby but have a business, where you’re able to serve at the highest level. So have that business. Businesses – what do they do? They do an energy exchange, money for services.

So, Robert, good. I’m glad that you’re looking at money differently. And Nicholas, too, yep. It’s a shift. Money is awesome. Money just shows who you are inside. But the more money you make, the more you can donate. I love that I can donate thousands of dollars all the time because I’m able to create abundance in my business and then turn around and help others. And it’s amazing to be able to do that. So that’s where you need to thinking.

You’re creating financial abundance not to buy a bunch of stuff that you’re going to have around the house and not use. You’re creating that abundance so that you can give it back and keep the flow going. Keep that giving and receiving process going that the universe has built into everything we do. And yes, shutting down the monkey mind is key. And we really need to be able to do that for everybody.

So if you guys have the ability to show someone how to get in touch with themselves, it’s your duty. It’s really your calling as a human being on this planet to help spread that information, to really help get out there.

“How do you describe the feeling of being rich?” Well, everyone has a different definition. But for me personally, it’s the joy of being able to give is what comes out of creating financial abundance. When you have the abundance to be able to live your life at your highest level, that you’re experiencing the most amazing things so that you can turn around and give that information back out to the world, so that you’re performing at your best. And then, also being able to take that financial abundance and being able to turn it back out at the world, it’s incredible.

It’s amazing what you can do when you are in that flow in being able to give it back. And it’s that feeling of being able to give and have that flow happening is that alignment piece. It’s like when you know the universe is with you in what you’re doing, and you are altogether letting it happen, and you’re consciously co-creating. Not just co-creating because you’re not paying attention, but you’re consciously co-creating your life to be able to serve others.

It’s like you’re walking around with a little electrical buzz all the time. It’s very exciting. And that amazing feeling comes over that you know you’re in alignment with Source and what you’re doing, and it’s beautiful. Everybody should experience that because it’s really an incredible thing. And there’s really nothing better than that, truly, except when you’re in that moment of meditation when you slip in, and it feels incredible. That’s probably the best one. But that’s a direct connection with Source. But everything else is pretty awesome.

Well, all right, guys. I think that was it. That was my little rant for this morning. If you guys have your business up and running, and you want to go and create your financial abundance so you can create the best version of you and be able to give back, private message me. Let me know. We can chat, and I’ll see what that will look like, if we’re a fit. If you guys are just starting out, stay in here, keep watching all this.

My goal is to help you really get out there and step it up in a big way. So let’s see… “It sounds like a water fountain flowing over and over again.” That’s a very good description. So you guys have a beautiful day, and I will see you guys in the group. Namaste. Bye, guys.



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