What they are saying…

  • "OMG! Kim...she knows her stuff. I love her energy, I can feel her certainty about how successful I can become using her system. Not only that, I truly appreciate how she hold expectation that money really is NOT an issue...it is the mindset of service.   Her system is so much better than all the previous "how to build an online business" courses I've taken, where they give you lots of content, and only FB Group support. Her course is way superior because of the personal support she provides, the ongoing updates she adds, the live coaching calls, her interaction in the FB group, and email communication.   I truly feel that she has my back is there totally to help be build my spiritual biz that fuels my passion and my lifestyle."

    Grace M.
  • "Before starting to work with Kimberly, I was very confused about starting my business as a spiritual teacher. Some things worked and some things didn’t. I was relying on my intuition and on advice from unqualified people. I realized that I had neither the right strategy nor the right attitude.

    After starting to work with Kimberly in her Spiritual Biz Bootcamp, I was relieved to see that my business improved dramatically by me just shifting my psycho-spiritual attitude. Kimberly helped me resolve some common issues regarding spirituality and money, get clarity about what I really want to accomplish with my business  and who my audience is, and set the vision and strategy for how to do that. As as result, I have more clients, they are more grateful for what I provide for them and we all enjoy the process of spiritual growth and healing more. I am more inspired to keep building my spiritual business and helping people that way.

    I feel that I have just started working with Kimberly and cannot wait to see what it brings to both my life and my business."

    Anandamali Nikola Ristic
  • "We absolutely can make money doing this work because it is so needed, and a really good coach like Kimberly can help you get over the hurdles of fear."

    Andrea F.
  • "Kimberly is an amazing teacher, patient and so unbelievably knowledgeable. We are in her Spiritual Biz Bootcamp and look forward to every call. Just a wonderful, insightful, caring person."

    Bonnie & Gil
  • "I was so nervous when we doubled my pricing from $500 to $1000, but Kimberly got me over my fear and it was amazing. Within 48 hours I had two new clients at my price. Wow!"

    Leigha L.Relationship Coach
  • "I just wanted to let you know that I am still using the cheat sheet information (and all the tidbits of information) that I learned during the 6 month program I was so happy to be a part of. I book marked all of them and they have been invaluable. Thank you so much!"

    Susan M.C.
  • "Thank you Kimberly Maska for being a great coach and teacher!! Your programs are educational, informative and well put together! You have helped me on my journey and inspire me every day to build my DREAM!"

    Kimberly N.
  • "I LOVE your approach and how simple you are making all of it for me!"

    Jennifer B.
  • "I want to express my thanks for sharing your knowledge. That you make these strategies so easy to implement is a real gift. I finally see where I have been spinning my wheels in my business.

    Ariane N.
  • "I love your work, you have helped me so much with my business!"

    Emily J.
  • “I am getting so much out of this. I can’t thank you enough!”

    Sue K.
  • “I have such great respect for Kimberly’s work.”

    Dianne CollinsAuthor, Quantum Think
  • “Thank you so much for you interest and belief in me.”

    Carolyn H.
  • “Kimberly really knows marketing. She knows how to create an online presence and make money while you meditate, which is her platform. When you are trying to decide on which coach to work with you, it’s important to find one that doesn’t give you fluff and Kimberly definitely doesn’t do that."

    Susan M. Chu
  • “Thank you for you thoughtful advice and insight. You have inspired me to embrace a different way to look at my business.”

    Christy S.
  • “She is this enlightened business master. She brings us the ability to package ourselves, to get the technical know how, and to have the grounded elements we need to put our voice out into the world so that we can have an energy exchange of love and also monetization.”

    John BurgosBeyond The Ordinary Show
  • “For all of the entrepreneurs out there, having worked with Kimberly Maska personally, she is awesome. Must check her out!”

    Susan C.
  • "Kimberly is both an expert at online marketing and someone who cares deeply about the results her coaching clients receive.  Her energy is positive, supportive and open, and you can be assured that she will go above and beyond to provide you with a successful outcome for your project."

    Murray AnsellEnergy Life Coach
  • “When I met Kimberly, I was a best selling author with a beautiful website, a great eCourse and no money coming in from either of these sources. Turns out I didn’t have the machine in place to bring in the passive income I desired. During our time together, Kimberly put together all of the pieces, creating a solid platform for me and my message. If you are ready to be an empowered author and monetize your book, I highly recommend her.”

    Thomas BählerAuthor, Speaker, Discovery Mentor
  • “I had published two books and had a huge social media following, but I wasn’t monetizing my book or my message. Working with Kimberly gave me the tools I needed to increase my list by 35% in just two weeks! And then the money started to come in… I am finally seeing the payoff for all of my hard work.”

    Michelle Martin DobbinsAuthor & Alchemist