What if the People Who Need You the Most Can’t Afford You?




Hello, everybody. Hello, all my peeps in Spiritual Biz Success! How are you guys? So I am live, because we had a great question today. I hear this a lot, and I wanted to address it live. Someone asked the question in the Spiritual Biz Success Facebook group. They asked, “What if the people that need “the service they provide the most “are the ones that can’t afford it the least?”

This is a big question because as spiritual entrepreneurs, we’re always looking to serve. We’re here to serve. Our gifts are here to serve. That is what we’re doing, and when there’s a little conflict with serving and making money, this is where everything gets really confusing, and that’s where, usually, everything goes to hell in a hand basket.

So the question that they had was how do they reconcile this knowing that their gift is for the people who, maybe, can’t afford it the most? What do they do? So here’s the solution. When we’re creating a spiritual business, we are creating a business. This is really key. It’s a business. So what you need to do is create a business around the people that can afford your services, that have the abundance, so then you can donate your time, energy, money, everything to the people who can’t. But you don’t build a business around the people who cannot afford you. That’s not what you do.

So I have clients in my Spiritual Biz Boot Camp who have actually joined the boot camp to create financial abundance to then, in turn, create nonprofits and be able to give back in a major way and do all of those things, but it’s not the business that they’re doing. The business that they’re doing is all around creating financial abundance and finding clients who actually can afford what they do. So that’s how you should be creating your business.

It’s not actually a business if you’re just giving it away for free, and the reconciliation that needs to happen with you internally is knowing that you’re going to still help the people that need the help, but that when you are creating the business and you’re charging, your clients actually get better results because they’re committed, and they’re going to show up. They’re going to be committed to what they’re doing. They’re going to be committed to the results that they’re going to get.

The more that you charge for your services, the better results your clients will get. I know that sounds crazy. I know it sounds backwards, but that’s actually what happens. I’ve seen it happen over and over. So the more you charge, the better results. You are actually serving your clients if you charge. If you charge more, you’re serving them even more, because then they are dedicated.

So think about something you got for free, the last thing you got for free. It was just something you chucked away. You didn’t care. It didn’t really matter. You’re like, “It was free.” But when you paid a lot of money for something, it was really valuable to you, and you took care of it, and you made sure whatever it was, say it was a new car, that it was washed, and it was parked in the parking spot all the way in the corner by itself, and that it was just really taken care of. But if you had an old beater car, you wouldn’t care.

So the same is true with your services and what you’re really putting out there, as if the more that you charge for something, the more someone will value it. The more that that person values it, the better results they will get. So that’s what you need to think of. So know that you’re serving at a higher level when you’re charging. That’s the first key thing, and know that when you can charge and actually create abundance with what you’re doing. Then you can take the money, and then you can donate.

Because if you’re really coming from a place of service, and you just want to help the people and serve the people, what you really need to do is create financial abundance for yourself because then you can give it back out into the world. If you aren’t creating financial abundance, what are you doing? You’re not able to give. Look at yourself and say, “How much was I able to donate last month to charities and various organizations?”

Right now, in this timeframe, we’re in the middle of all these natural disasters. Fires here in Los Angeles, the hurricane out in Texas, all sorts of stuff has happened, and how much have you been able to give? Were you able to give, like, a couple dollars? Were you able to give $500? Were you able to give $5,000? What have you been able to give?

And if you were creating financial abundance in your business, to write a $1,000 check and donate it to the Red Cross would be a no-brainer. But you’re probably not in that situation if you’re not creating financial abundance and not creating that six-figure spiritual business, where you’re living your purpose and really serving.

So the next time you’re thinking about, “Oh, I really want to help these people. They can’t afford it,” first, don’t worry about other people’s finances. That’s none of your business because everyone has money somewhere. It’s where are they putting it? Where are they spending it? It’s just one of those things.

If you pay enough attention, everyone’s got a cell phone. Everyone’s got a big screen TV. Everyone’s got cable. Everyone’s got some cool shoes. Almost everyone has a car. They all have that stuff. It’s just where are they putting it?

So when it comes to charging someone, know they have the money. You just have to show them the value of what you do, the problem that you’re solving, for them to be able to see that and then put the money into investing in themselves by bettering themselves and investing in you. And if you aren’t investing in you and investing your business, I do not know how you expect your clients to invest in you and your business. So think about that, as well.

So I hope that helps. So when you’re looking at the people you want to serve, if they can’t afford you, remember, it’s none of your business where their money goes. You set your pricing according to the value of what you are delivering, and then know, for the people who truly are having issues and cannot afford your services, create the abundance with your actual business, and then donate that time. Donate the energy to those people, and give them what they need.

But do not create a business around the people that cannot afford you. That’s not what that is. That’s a nonprofit, and if anyone has heard me say it, I’m not a believer of nonprofits. Too much red tape, too much nonsense. Just create a lot of money, and then give it away. That’s the best way to do it. Creating these nonprofits, believe me, they just don’t succeed. It’s a very, very tiny, tiny, tiny percentage of nonprofits that actually succeed.

So if you are looking to create financial abundance for a certain purpose that you wanna serve, go create the abundance with your business, and then take that money and give it back because that is the most important thing. It’s not about making a lot of money and buying a lot of nonsense and stuff. It’s about creating that financial abundance so you can give it back so you can donate to the Red Cross for the hurricane situation or for the fires here in L.A, or whatever it is – puppies, families who need food, whatever it is. Create your business, be able to donate, and then the people who really can’t afford you, who really need you, be able to donate that time to them, as well.

So I hope that helps you guys, and any questions – there’s TK. Hello, TK! Thank you, and guys, have a beautiful day. Reach out with more questions. This question was posted today, so I decided to do a live, a little video about it, because it was easier.

If you guys are ready to take your business from, really, a hobby where you’re not serving, you’re not creating financial abundance, and you’re ready to do that six-figure business, and I’m really serious about that. I’m not talking about making a couple grand a month. I’m talking about making the $8,000, $10,000, $12,000 a month, reach out, let me know, private message me here, and we’ll talk about my Spiritual Biz Boot Camp because it is life-changing.

Oh, you’re welcome! I don’t know if I’m going to say your name right. Kedrick, I believe. Yes, it was your question. Thank you for posting that, because I know a lot of people have that question and that issue, so I’m glad you brought it up. So all right guys, have a beautiful day. Catch the replay if you missed this, and I’ll see you guys in the Spiritual Biz Success Facebook group. Have a beautiful day.



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