Is This One Trait Holding You Back From Success?

Characteristics That Get in the Way of Success

Hello Everybody! I am here to say hello and talk about those characteristics that hold us back from success. The one characteristic I want to talk about came up in a conversation I had yesterday. I spoke to someone who was so proud of being cynical.

If you actually look up the definition of cynical, it means doubting humanity and the integrity of the people around you. There are things that we do that hold us back. Being cynical I think is one that always creeps in for a lot of us, so how do we release that?

We often believe that being cynical is going to protect us, as if we don’t trust everyone we will be safe. But how do you go about life without trusting the people around you? We are spiritual entrepreneurs, and we have to tap into the power of us. We are powerful, and we have to tap into that power to make decisions.

Stay away from low-vibration characteristics because you are only hurting yourself by cutting yourself off from Source. If we are in full connection, we would allow information to flow freely to us. We will attract people who vibrate at our level. When you are able to be fully open to receiving from Source, you will notice that the people attracted to you are at the same vibration.

When you start to bring in negative characteristics, we are no longer using our heart. Instead, we are now using our brain. In the process of using our brain, which doesn’t serve us a higher intelligence, we are losing connection with Source. Guys, go back and tap into Source. You are Source energy.

Do not block yourself with characteristics that you feel are protecting you because you are only blocking yourself from succeeding. There are a lot people who question Bootcamp. When you come in with that mentality, Bootcamp probably will not work for you.

When people don’t trust, they cut themselves off from Source. Cutting yourself from Source will prevent you from making a decision. You do this in your life everywhere. Any decision you make when you lack trust in society, in people, humanity, you are blocking yourself from receiving information about who those individuals really are. Instead, tell yourself you are going to be in full alignment with Source, so you are able to navigate life.

You will notice that your decisions will be incredibly easy because you will begin to bring things into your life. It is your time to release being cynical, time to release being doubtful, and it is time to stop being indecisive. Release all that does not serve you and connect directly to take the next step. BE in alignment, and when Source delivers, your decisions will be easy. Interested in learning the 5 shifts my spiritual coaching clients use to build 6-figure businesses to raise consciousness and the vibration of the planet? Then, reserve your spot in my free masterclass HERE.



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