Not Feeling Supported By Your Spouse?

I want to talk about a major wobble that I hear some of my clients share they’ve experienced. When you are trying to be a true entrepreneur, and set up your Spiritual Business, you are going to need a strong solid support system. Sometimes our spouses and other family members have a hard time believing that you can make sharing your gifts with the world into anything more than a hobby. I’m here to tell you that you need to find a way to overcome that wobble, because your tribe is waiting for you!

When you finally make the decision to go from a “want-repreneur” to a true Spiritual Entrepreneur, it is going to take some serious time and effort to make that a reality. After all, 6-figure businesses don’t pop up overnight. Sometimes, the lack of support from your spouse or family has more to do with not giving you the time to work on building your business, as opposed to not seeing it as a viable idea in general. When your spouse wants to take you out to a nice lunch on a Saturday, or your kids want you to come play, it can cut into the time you want to dedicate to your business.

The easy solution to this problem is to set scheduled time for your work. You ask your family to honor the time you want to dedicate towards your Spiritual Business. It can be helpful too, to offer a reward for honoring your time. If you want to work from noon until 2 on Saturday, tell your spouse you will treat them to a nice picnic lunch at 2:30, or that you will play a game with your children when you are finished. This way, you get the time you need, and your family gets something to look forward to.

The larger issue of your family not necessarily seeing the viability in you creating a Spiritual Business can be a tricky one to handle. Sometimes the only thing that can prove that what you are doing is worthwhile are results, and as I said, those results don’t happen overnight. So what do you do in the meantime? Who can you rely on for the support that you WILL NEED while building your business. Well, that is where I come in. My team and I, and even the greater Spiritual Biz Success community can offer the support and understanding that you need going through this process. Then, as your progress and results start pouring in, it will be easier to get your family on board as well!

If you are ready to step out, and follow the path Source has set out to who you really are, then my Spiritual Biz Bootcamp could be for you! Learn more, and watch my free webinar at



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