Why You Need To Stop Single Sessions

The single session.

I see it on websites of spiritual entrepreneurs everywhere.

My rate is $60 per hour, $30 for 30 min or $15 for 15 minutes.

And there is the little PayPal Buy Now button next to it.

If this sounds familiar and this appears on your website, I would like to ask…how many sessions have you sold like this? Enough to make a living? Or is this really just a hobby?

You cannot make a living selling your time in 15 minute intervals. When was the last time you paid for anything based on the 15 minutes it took someone to complete the task? Let me guess…never.

Plus what kind of results can anyone get in 15 minutes? Or even in a one hour session? If you wanted to lose 20 pounds do you think working out for 15 minutes will help you? Or even one time for a full hour? It would be awesome if we could lose 20 pounds in an hour, but sadly it doesn’t work that way.

Same idea applies to your clients. You cannot create transformational changes in an hour. So to give your clients the best possible results, begin to package your services.

Gone are the days of the one hour session. Create a package with a minimum of 3 sessions with you. The number should be based on the minimum amount of time you need to work with a client for them to get the BEST results. Yes, the minimum. You want them to come back wanting more. I recommend 3-4 sessions in this introductory package.

Spending more time with your clients will allow you to form a bond with them and they will begin to get amazing results. Do you know what that means? Recommendations. They will being recommending you to their family and friends. We all know that there is nothing better than a rave review and recommendation.

Let’s turn your hobby into a business. Take some time to create a package and while you are at it, increase your pricing too. Then, REMOVE your session pricing from your website and update it with your new package. Now you are on your way to creating abundance with your gifts.


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