Need a Degree To Be a Spiritual Coach?

Members of my Spiritual Biz Success Facebook group are often worried about what sort of qualifications they need to be a Spiritual Leader. Do they need a psychology degree? Do they need a bunch of fancy certifications? I am here to clear the air, and say that you don’t need any of that to step out as a Spiritual Leader, and start changing lives!

When you know that you want to share your gifts with the world, you know that you are offering something necessary to the planet, and that you’re really pretty good at it! Your gifts were given to you by Source, and as long as you are in alignment with Source, you can help people at the highest level! A degree is not going to align you with Source, and therefore, it’s not necessary to have.

The only reason to ever “effort” so hard for a certification or degree is if it is honestly going to make you feel better about the work you are doing. Even then, I would recommend focusing on raising your vibration, and realigning with Source. Where do you think the insecurity of thinking you need a certification comes from? That wobble comes into your life from a place of scarcity and fear. When you know that Source has your back, and trust in your gifts, you will be able to serve at the highest level.

It is time to make a change. This planet needs you! Just look around at everything that is going on. We need to create this force of people that will come together to raise the vibration. It is time for you to step out in a massive way, and truly embrace the gifts that Source has given you. Do not let those doubts and fears keep you from getting where you want to go. Take the leap, and trust that Source has you through the entire process.

If you are ready to take the leap, then perhaps Spiritual Biz Bootcamp is right for you. Check out my free Masterclass “5 Shifts To A 6 Figure Spiritual Business”, and if we are a vibrational match. You can then book a call with my team, and finally step out as the Spiritual Entrepreneur you were meant to be!



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