Hey there! I’m Kimberly, and I have the best “job” ever. Calling it a job isn’t accurate since it is my passion and doesn’t feel like a job at all.

When someone asks me what I do I tell them, “I help people Make Money While They Meditate.” 

After I receive a quizzical look I explain that what I really do is, “Serve Spiritual Coaches who desperately want to serve the world with their gift, create abundance and live the life they were meant to live.” The quizzical look doesn’t usually disappear but if you are on this page, you know exactly what I am talking about.

Do you have a gift that you know will change people’s lives and make the world a better place?

My passion is to give you the tools to turn your gift into a lucrative business while still expressing your authentic, spiritual you. Yes, it is possible.

I have 20 years of business and technology experience to share with you. Eight of those years I worked on Wall Street and created a company from scratch with 8 other partners. We took that company from nothing to a $165m company with over 100 employees and offices in 3 states…I still smile when I think of what we accomplished.

I can smile now, but at the time I was overworked, sad and angry. I looked great on paper; an apartment in New York on 5th Ave, an apartment in Paris, France and I traveled whenever I liked, now having visited over 30 countries. I feel blessed to have had these experiences, but the truth of the matter is, I was miserable and my life was out of balance.

Something in me snapped and I decided to leave Wall Street to the dismay of many of my “friends.” 

It took me a while, well, ok, more than a while, several years, to figure out what the heck to do. It took the sudden transitioning of my mom to push me to make some huge changes in my life. I sold everything, left a relationship that wasn’t serving me and got serious about looking deeper at who I was and my purpose on this planet.

My own spiritual journey began connecting me with people with AMAZING gifts…mediums, healers, energy readers. I was blown away by their talents. Aside from being incredibly talented they all had one thing in common…they were all struggling financially. I couldn’t understand it.

I decided to do something about it and created Spiritual Biz Magazine and Spiritual Biz Bootcamp. It is my mission to help 5000 spiritual coaches create 5000 spiritual businesses in the next 5 years. It is a lofty goal, but together I know we can achieve it and have a huge ripple effect on this planet. 

Now I wake up everyday excited about my life, serving some of the most gifted people on the planet working to raise consciousness.

When I am not teaching Spiritual Coaches how to Make Money While They Meditate — or reading the next “must read” business or marketing book — you can find me cooking an amazing meal for the people I love most, meditating with my Spiritual Partner, Daniel, and our adorable pug Bogart…yes, we have taught Bogart how to meditate, and traveling the country to see family. I am finally living my dream life.

It breaks my heart to see Spiritual Coaches missing out on their dream life. They do not reach the highest level of success because they find marketing is “icky” and don’t want to “sell” themselves or their products. I will say this…you are doing the world a disservice by not sharing your unique ability with the world. 

I ask you, ARE YOU READY to reach your greatest potential, share your talents with the world and create the financial abundance deserve?

Watch my free training, 5 Shifts to a 6 Figure Spiritual Business, by clicking HERE.