My little white lie…

It happened. I’ve been exposed. My students have called me out on something and now I have to share it with all of you.

If you know anything about me, you know I worked on Wall Street, was miserable, left the company I helped build, and after some bumps in the road, started on my spiritual journey. When my mom transitioned, I realized how important the work that all of you do is and made it my mission to help spiritual entrepreneurs get their message out into the world so they can change lives.

What you haven’t heard me say is that I am an intuitive, an empath and well, I can see energies that don’t normally vibrate on this physical plane (most people call them ghosts). It is ironic how I teach my students to step out of their comfort zone but I have been quietly hiding inside of mine.

Last week I had a visitor. A visitor that only I could see. A visitor that moved some things in the house, broke an item and actually recorded a movie for me. Daniel (I am so grateful for his open heart and open mind) and I decided to see what the movie was about and 5 minutes into it the main character says, “Call Martha!” Martha was my moms name. She transitioned 3 years ago.

I shared these “goings on” with my Higher Purpose Higher Income students. Until this point they had only known me as their mindful marketing coach. They were floored. “Why didn’t we know that you were like us?” Yes, why didn’t they know? Fear, insecurity, vulnerability, all come to mind.

I was at an amazing event last month called Gifted 2015, created by Baeth Davis. I was there to network, but if you can guess by the title, the whole weekend was focused on the gifts we all have within us. During one exercise I received a reading from a beautiful soul and she told me I needed to be more authentic. I thought, “Authentic? How much more authentic can I be? I teach about authenticity every day.” But now I see. The fog has been lifted.

So here I am, naked, vulnerable, sharing my story. I have stepped out and I hope you will too. We all have a role in this paradigm shift that is happening on this planet right now. My role is becoming more clear each day and I know now that my gifts need to play a bigger part in my life and my business.

How will you step out and play your role?

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