My Experience with Cyberspace Bullying

“You Disgusting Piece of S&!t” – Yup, if you can imagine, that is a comment I received on one of my Facebook ads. It is an interesting feeling to be attacked and bullied from cyberspace. A huge blast of heat, more like fear, ran through my body. I really couldn’t believe what I was reading. My purpose in life is to help spiritual entrepreneurs step into their power to elevate the world. In fact, that is exactly what the ad contained that this gentleman, I use that word VERY loosely, commented on. It made me stop and ponder a few things.

First, could my message really offended someone to that degree (there was more to his comment…he went on and even used the C word!). I re-read it over and over, his comment and my ad, and I stand behind my message 100%. Every human being should use their gifts to experience abundance, that is why we are all here.

Second, why would someone, who is part of a spiritual community, I know this because my ads ONLY run to the mind body spirit world, try to hurt someone, even it is just from cyberspace? I don’t know that I will ever understand why.

Third, do I have skin thick enough to handle this and all of the other judgement that comes from putting yourself out there. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a tough cookie, but it can still sting when you are personally attacked.

Lastly, should I narrow my marketing down to women only? I find it interesting that in the spiritual world, all of the groups and communities are specifically for women. Where do the men go when they need to talk about growing their spiritual business? After some soul searching, I can honestly say that it does NOT resonate with me to limit my help and my knowledge to just women. Everyone deserves to share in my knowledge.

It took me a day or so but I finally came to an explanation that feels right. This experience proves to me even more that my service and gift is needed. I need to be even stronger in my message so I can help more spiritual entrepreneurs get their message out to the world, so they can help more people, people like this individual who is clearly in deep pain.

Don’t let ANYONE stop you from living your passion and sharing your gift.I know I won’t! Let the nay-sayers stay in their lower vibration while we raise ourselves up to reach our greatest potential. Sending my love and light to the gentleman in pain.

Until next time, be passionate, be inspired and live your dream! Have a beautiful day!



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  • Charles Nierras

    I used to be concern of what people would say or think on what I do…sort of asking permission. But I realized back then that none of them actually paid my bills…so I stopped worrying about the NAY sayers and what others say or think.
    And often people voiced out on Social Media because in real life or in person they couldn’t express their opinion clear enough because they themselves are living in fear. Until this person you encountered understand that he is living in fear, he will behave in the lower vibration of life and sadly behave as bully. Good article.