Is Money Holding You Back?


Hello, everybody. Good morning. Good morning, Spiritual Biz Success peeps. How are you? So, today we’re going to talk a little bit about money because there was a post yesterday in the group. And excuse me. I’m fighting a little bit of a cold, having just come back from 10 days with Abraham Hicks in the Mediterranean, which was amazing.

So we had a post yesterday, and I was talking about taking your business from a hobby to a real business, and people were saying, “I’m ready. I’m ready. But I’m broke. But I don’t have any money.” And everyone started kind of like piling on, saying, “Yeah, I get it. Me too, and I’m ready, but I’m missing this part.”

And so, I want to address this because I personally am sick and tired of seeing spiritual entrepreneurs broke, and I’m tired of you guys saying that you are broke because, as spiritual entrepreneurs, we all know that we create our reality, and that we bring things in, and that there’s this thing called the Law of Attraction that brings in what we say. And so, I personally am frustrated with all the spiritual entrepreneurs saying, “I am broke. I don’t have any money. I don’t have this.”

You’re living in scarcity mode in the most insane way, and yet you know — you know about the Law of Attraction. You know that the words that you say are incredibly important. You know that you shouldn’t be thinking that way and that your thoughts create your reality, and yet you guys perpetually say this. And it drives me insane.

So let’s talk about that. So if we’re going to say, “I’m broke,” that’s probably the worst thing you could ever say because then, yeah, of course, you are. And if you believe you are, and that’s your reality, then there you go. So, let’s stop that. Let’s just get rid of that whole thought altogether because are we here to tell a story that is being done over and over, right? We’re not here to tell a story. We are here to create our reality. We’re here to create what we want.

This is so important, to be able to do that. Instead of telling an old story, “I’m this. I don’t have that. I can’t do that.” How is that helping you or helping anybody else? I need you guys to change your money story. I need you guys to say, even if you may not in your physical reality at this moment have the money to take the next step to create your business, that you are at least working on the idea of like, “I’m in the process of creating. I’m in the process of being able to bring into my vibration of reality, the money that I have manifested, the money that I have waiting for me in my.”

We’ll use Abraham Hicks’ terms, “vortex,” since I just came out of the vortex of 10 days with her. But, you guys have to switch what you’re saying. And then I hear this a lot, too:  So, “I’m ready. I’m ready to create my business, but I’m broke.” Well, then you’re not ready, guys. You have to be ready to create a full business.

Business creates energy of money, energy of time, energy of creativity, and if you don’t have those things, you’re not ready. So I need you guys to step back, and I know this money thing is just this huge thing that sits with people, and it frustrates people. They get so stuck in their reality of what they don’t have that they live in it, that they’re like – they’re in it. Oh, I see a little angry face. I’m touching some points, some points, and I love it!

So when you are stuck in that reality, that’s what you’re going to get. So you are powerful, powerful beings. You have been put on this planet to create. You’re here to create the reality that you want. So do it and stop playing victim to what you see in your day-to-day reality because that’s what’s happening.

And I’m personally tired of it because you guys are so powerful. You have so many gifts. You should be out there changing the world, but you’re stuck in this reality and this scarcity of, “I don’t have,” and, “I can’t,” and that’s not serving you, and that’s not serving anybody else. So it’s time for you guys to just switch that thought process. I need you guys to really think about, what do you want? Where do you want to go? Not what you don’t have, or what’s missing in your life. But what do you truly desire? Where is it that you want to go?

And only focus, with laser-beam focus, on what you want. Not what you don’t want, but what you want. That laser-beam focus on where you want to go is key. So figure out what it is that you want, and if it’s more financial abundance, great. What’s the plan? How are you going to get it? And quit sitting in the reality that you’ve created of “I don’t have” and this scarcity part.

So you have to be able to focus, and, like Frankie just put, she wants more clients, and being “In it to win it,” as Amare says. So guys, you’ve got to really focus and get out of the nonsense of what you’re currently seeing because that’s just what you’re creating, and you’re here to be powerful. Be powerful. Bring it in. So focus on what it is that you desire. If you desire a spiritual business, then focus on the pieces that you need.

You need to create. You need the energy of creativity. You need the energy of money, and you need the energy of time. And if you really want to create a business, you do need the money. I know some people are like, “I’m going to try it for free, and I don’t have this and I don’t have that.” Again, you’re stuck in that, that reality that you’re seeing right now which really isn’t what is, what’s the word I want, I guess is your reality, but it’s not real guys. Create what you want. Get resourceful.

So here’s the word I want you guys to say. Instead of saying, “I don’t have this,” or, “I don’t have that,” be like, “I’m going to get resourceful for that. How do I get resourceful? How do I create what I desire?” And find a way to do that.

My clients get resourceful all the time when they want to come join Spiritual Biz Bootcamp because it is an investment, that when they’re really ready they get resourceful. They find a way. I’m amazed. I have a client right now who went through the hurricane in Florida, lost all sorts of things, and lost her beloved little fur baby, and still managed to get resourceful to join the Bootcamp. I was like blown away.

So when you really, really desire something, there’s a way to do it. You guys, get resourceful in your life. How can you create? How can you go out and really live your purpose? Don’t get stuck in the reality of what is. That’s not what we’re here to do. Create. Create what it is that you desire. Create what it is that you want. Focus on just what you want, not what you don’t want. Focus just on what you want.

We all know that when we focus on what we want and we ask the Universe, it is done. It’s just up to us to get into vibrational match with it. So ask for it, and allow to come in, and get out of this scarcity mode of, “I don’t have. I can’t. I can’t do…,” and all this other stuff that I hear all the time. So, take a moment to change. Take a moment to shift your perspective. Take a moment to be the powerful creator that you are, and don’t allow money — which is just energy, guys. It’s just energy. We know it. Somehow we get stuck in this thing about money. But it’s just energy. Allow the energy to come in. Create your own energy. Create your own desires.

So please remove the scarcity, please. Remove it because it’s not serving you, and it’s not serving anybody else. And it sure isn’t going to help you create a spiritual business where you can serve thousands. So remove scarcity from your vocabulary. Remove it, most importantly, from your thoughts because your thoughts are what is creating your reality. And be able to get past that, and be the powerful being you’re supposed to be. Create and serve while you’re here on this planet.

So, I’m going to look at the comments. I don’t know. I think I kind of touched some points here, but I guess I don’t have to read the comments, but yes, do it guys! There’s just really no need to be stuck in scarcity. There’s no need to be stuck where you are. You create it. You don’t like it, change it! If you don’t like where you are, make a change. And whatever that change is, however small, make a change! Because if you don’t make a change, your life will be exactly where it is now in six months. And most people don’t want it to be in the same place. Most people are looking for a change.

So step up. Do what you need to do. Get out there. Create your own reality, and I’ll see you guys next week in Spiritual Biz Success! Have a beautiful night, guys. Bye-bye!



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