Is money holding you back from your success?

it-is-a-time-for-joy-relaxfor-everyone-look-forward-to-see-you-in-the-new-yearThis is a touchy topic, but I truly feel it needs to be addressed. I have been speaking with dozens of Spiritual Entrepreneurs over the past few weeks and there is one common denominator with each of them… THEY ARE BROKE…and they are using the EXCUSE of lack of money to keep themselves right where they are…broke with an unrealized dream.

Amazingly, they are pinching pennies when it comes to creating their spiritual business. Pinching pennies can actually be fatal to your business. If you are skimping on what you are creating, it will take you 10 times longer to make it happen, 10 times longer to see results, 10 times longer to create the money you deserve so you can be the BEST version of yourself, just like the Universe intended, AND it will be 10 times more expensive in the long run.

The worst part? Without investing in your business in a smart way, you may eventually give up, throw in the towel because you weren’t seeing results of all of your hard work. And then what? The world doesn’t get to experience your gifts because you allowed money to stand in your way? Sounds a little selfish when you look at it that way, doesn’t it?

Isn’t it crazy to let money, which is JUST energy, stand in the way of you living your purpose?

So what is the solution? Be RESOURCEFUL! It has been an AMAZING thing watching people who want it bad enough…people who want to live their purpose, have an impact on this planet and are sick and tired of being broke, get resourceful and take a HUGE leap of faith in themselves and their business. I have one client who got a business loan to work with me, one sold some gold coins, another took out a loan on their car and another sold some antique jewelry.

They were RESOURCEFUL. They figured out how to make it happen and now together we are creating the businesses of their dreams. They have stepped up and the Universe is making it happen.

Tell me…are you allowing money holding you back from your success?


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