Mental Blocks Around Getting Clients?

I saw a couple of interesting posts the other day, and I wanted to chat about them. They were talking about having mental blocks around getting clients, and how that was standing in their way. They were afraid that clients wouldn’t like them, and that stepping out was a bad idea. When we have this mental chatter, we have to nip it in the bud, because it is not helping you at all.

When we are unable to master our thoughts and minds, that is when the fears come up. When you are worried about things, or afraid of things, you are just disconnected from Source. You have to come back to knowing that you are where you are because Source has guided you there. If you have made it this far, you are on the right path!

If you put something out, and it doesn’t work, then yes, you may have to make some changes. It takes work! It may mean finding a mentor that can point out the holes in what you are creating, and to tweak things to where you can truly have a global reach.

Remember that it’s not about everyone liking you. It’s about finding your tribe. The right clients are waiting for you. When you find those souls, they will love what you are doing. You need to connect with Source, and get past those fears, because your tribe is out there praying for you to come and help them.

The only thing you need to worry about, is that you are showing up 110%. Don’t let mental blocks get in your way. Release that fear that is standing in your way. It’s about serving, and when you are living in fear, you are not serving. So when you put serving as your top priority, you can clear that mental chatter, and truly serve your tribe!



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