Why Your Marketing Isn’t Working


Hello, everybody. Hello, my spiritual entrepreneurs. How are you guys out there? So, I want to talk a little bit about your marketing and why it might not be working. This is something that comes up a lot in my Facebook group, Spiritual Biz Success. Someone was asking someone else about what marketing strategies work and what worked for them, and how they did it.

I think that’s what happens. As spiritual entrepreneurs, we’re out there a lot, trying to figure out what’s working. There’s so much information out there. We’re trying to figure out, “Does this work? Does that work? Like, what is it that’s working for other people?” And then we say, “Well, if it works for these people, then boom, let me go do what they’re doing.”

You don’t want to recreate the wheel, so you go back, and you go do what they’re doing. And then, it doesn’t work for you. And it’s really frustrating, and you’re like, “But this person did it. Why isn’t it working?”

I know, many moons ago, back in the years when I was first starting out, I fell in the same trap. I was watching what other people were doing, and I said, “Well that worked for them. I can go do that.” And I would spend all of my effort and time and going and creating whatever it was I had seen someone else create, and I thought, “This is it.” And then, I would launch something, and it would launch to crickets. And I was very, very confused.

I know how frustrating that can be because you’re like, “Why can’t I get this to work?” And I know now what that one thing is that is the difference between working and not working. And that one thing is actually your message. And this is probably the hardest part, yet it seems simple, right? It seems like it should be very easy to know what your message is and who you’re helping. But without that clarity of your message, you’re marketing absolutely will not work.

So when you’re looking at what it is that you’re creating, and you’re stepping out, and you may have a course – you may even have a webinar – you may have all sorts of things in place, your website, and you’re not getting clients, it’s because you’re not clear on your message. And so, when you’re not clear on your message, then there’s a wobble. And that wobble can be felt by your clients because they’re not really sure what it is you’re talking about.

So I know when people join my Spiritual Biz Bootcamp, my clients in there, one of the first things we do is we get them super crystal clear on who they’re working with and what that message is. Because without knowing exactly who your ideal client is and what your message is to them, it falls on deaf ears. So you can be the most talented healer. You can be the most amazing psychic medium. You can be whatever it is that you do, whatever modality that you’re using, and if you can’t communicate with your tribe what it is that you’re doing, it’s just, it doesn’t happen. It doesn’t work.

And I know that’s where a lot of you guys are stuck. You’re really stuck on making that piece work. And you know you’re gifted. You know you’re talented. You know you can change lives, yet you just can’t find the clients. And it is because your message isn’t clear.

So here’s a little exercise. I want you to think about, what is the problem that you solve for your clients? What is that? And when you can understand the problem that you’re solving for your clients, kind of draft your message around that problem because that’s how you’re going to connect with them. So you want to be really clear on what is that. So that way you can really connect.

When you’re telling someone all the amazing things that you can do, “I can do this for you. “I can do that for you. I can do this,” which we kind of fall into that trap, it becomes about us, and it becomes a little ego-ish. And, “Here’s all the things that I can do.” And most people don’t really care about what you can do for them. They want to know, how does their life change? What’s in it for them? Not what your gifts are.

So you have to think about the client. You have to put the client first. You have to look at, what’s the problem you’re solving for that client? How are you helping them? How does their life change after working with you? And when you can dial in that message for your clients, then there’s clarity And then there’s connection. And so, I find that the clients in my boot camp that have real clarity of message, when they’re clear, the clients come right in. And when they’re not clear, it’s very wobbly, and they can’t find those clients.

And so in addition to knowing what your message is and being really clear on how you’re serving your tribe, you also need to make sure that you’re in vibrational alignment with what you’re doing because, as we know, if we’re not in vibrational alignment with where we are and what we want and what our desires are, it doesn’t work. So you have to be in alignment, and you have to have a clear message. That’s actually two things, so I kind of lied.

But so, there you are. So, do that homework. Get a little practice in and figure out how you’re serving your tribe. What’s the problem you solve for them? What’s in it for them? When you can look at what’s in it for them, and you can communicate that to them, that is when they connect because that’s when they want what you have. And if you aren’t communicating that, then they don’t really need it. It’s just — you ever have something someone gives you something, and you don’t really need it, and you just put it off to the side? It’s like you don’t really care.

But what you do care about is something that’s going to change your life that’s going to have a huge impact on you. So make that shift with your clients. Make that shift with your message, and you will most definitely see a shift in your business. So until next time, I will see you guys soon.

If you guys aren’t already in my Spiritual Biz Success Facebook group, I highly recommend you hop in there – tons of information and videos. I’m always in there answering questions and trying to get you some clarity so that way you guys can take it to a whole other level. So until next time, have a beautiful day.

And if you’re ready to change your business, if you’re ready to shift your life and really step out with your message, change and help the people that you’re looking to help, and really have a huge impact and a ripple effect on this planet, then let me know, and we can talk about my Spiritual Biz Bootcamp. So until next time guys, have a beautiful day. See you soon.



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