How Many of You Are Hiding Your Spiritual Side?


Kimberly:  So hello, Christina. Welcome. Thank you for joining me today. So you are now a boot camp alumni, been through Spiritual Biz Bootcamp, and it was such a lovely energy in there. Having you in there was great, but I want to find out more. Tell me what you were doing before boot camp, and let’s talk a little about what your life looks like after. But tell me where were you before boot camp?

Christina:  Before boot camp, I had a lot of ideas and things that I wanted to think about and try. I was in this model where I was seeing patients three days a week and just busting my energy and just going and going and going and having a really small return on the amount of energy that I was putting into the situation.

It was really hard on me energetically because I was splitting my time between all these different people and having to do all these different things in that way, and I had all these ideas about things I wanted to pull through. When I was in there with my patients and my clients doing all that one-on-one work, it wasn’t even my ideal clients I was seeing because it was just kind of what was coming through.

I was afraid to put myself out there in the way that I truly wanted to be seen and the way that I truly felt that I needed to be heard as a practitioner and as somebody who’s a spiritual healer and worker. So that is where I was before boot camp, and I really just wanted to learn lot more, and I didn’t know where to begin, so I found this program.

Kimberly:  Cool. So I was amazed. Some people have some of these really cool stories about how they discovered boot camp. But how did you find us? Was it just the regular on Facebook-type thing?

Christina:  Yeah, it was. I mean I think that Google had fed Facebook something about whatever my searches were because I had been looking for different coaching programs, and none of them felt like a really good fit for me because the spiritual part of my work is my work. So it felt kind of like, okay, I’m going to go and do some kind of like, you know, women entrepreneurship coaching program or this or that thing, and they all kind of fit, and I was like, “Okay, I can think about that, and it’s getting closer.”

But when I saw that boot camp was focused on spiritually related businesses, it really made a big difference to me because that was the portion that I had been hiding, that I had been afraid to put out there. And to be able to find a program that not only encouraged me to put it out there, but gave me some really cool and very precise ways to do it was important to me.

Kimberly:  Yeah, and I remember you saying, too, you had had a coach that was trying to keep your spiritual part down. Like, yours came out as a priestess with some beautiful photos, and I loved what you did, but I don’t think anyone had really encouraged that before, right?

Christina:  No, it had been pretty much the opposite in the past actually, where it was more about downplaying it and, you know, speak to it in these generic terms. “Talk to people in this way so you can reach more people,” and all this kind of jargon that I think had been, in the past, more common to be doing, but it didn’t feel authentic to me. And then it felt frustrating to be in my business and to be doing all this work that was only kind of what I really wanted to be putting out there.

Kimberly:  That’s so important to be authentic in what we’re doing, which I think is a challenge. Especially stepping out as a spiritual entrepreneur, as a healer, as a light worker, we’re kind of like, “How do we do that?” So I love that you’ve really owned that and done that. So now you’ve been through boot camp. You’ve just graduated. How has that changed your business and you in how you approach everything?

Christina:  Number one, I’m seeing a lot more ideal clients with the one-on-one model. When I am seeing people in that model, I am doing it with clients who are precisely what I’m looking for and people that I really want to be working with, and I’m making a higher price. I’m getting a higher price point every time I’m talking to them, as well, so I’m asking more for what I’m worth when I’m seeing people with the one-on-one model. And that alone has made a huge difference for me.

But also, I’ve been able to design these really cool classes that I’ve brought forth into my in-person community that, again, they’re at a higher price point than I used to be charging, so I’m seeing a lot more. And on top of that, there are a lot more people coming. The marketing piece is in place in a really clean way because I have a higher presence online, and I’m able to communicate with people in a way that speaks to them, that calls them in to me.

Not only that, but with some of the meditation things and other spiritual techniques that I’ve been learning that’s been helping me to call my tribe in too. So all of those things together have really helped me to build a good foundation as I move forward.

So now I can do whatever I want. I can take all these amazing ideas from my classes or from priestess training or for whatever those things are going to be in the future, and I know how to put them together into a really clean package so that I can build something sustainable for me that’s not just going to be me shooting my energy all over the place and wasting it essentially on things that are unnecessary for me to be doing. That was really important for me.

Kimberly:  Fantastic! So being able to really connect with those ideal clients, I think that’s like the biggest miss, and that makes it not so much fun building our businesses. But when we have those right people… Right? Have you noticed that, like what an energetic shift with the right people?

Christina:  The biggest thing for me is that I spend a lot of my life hiding. A lot of my life hiding. And to be able to walk forward in a really beautiful and open way and not have to hide who I am anymore is so freeing, and it really changed everything for me, personally and also in my business, so, yeah.

Kimberly:  That’s beautiful, and that’s worth more than anything, when we’re finally able to be our authentic selves. So if someone out there is kind of on the fence about boot camp, they’ve been watching things, and they’re curious about it, what would you tell them?

Christina:  I would say to do boot camp if you feel, really, like you are ready to step into who exactly you are, and if you want to help more people than you ever thought that you could reach. I mean the number one thing is that I’ve reached so many people and just continue to reach more and more and more people through the methods that I’ve learned from the boot camp, and that has been so important.

Before, we’ve always kind of been taught, “Oh, just do these small groups. Only a few people is okay.” And of course, that’s okay. Every one person we help is so important. But we get access to so many people using the techniques that we’ve learned. And the more people we help, the more people they’re going to help. The more they’re going to help, the more it’s going to shift everything for everyone.

So I think that it’s a great way to step forward and to step into yourself and learn how to build a really solid foundation for an amazing spiritual business as you walk forward.

Kimberly:  Yeah, so cool. Well, thank you so much for taking the time and sharing your experience. I cannot wait to see what you continue to create as you move through and grow your business, but it’s been amazing having you, and thank you so much for sharing your story.

Christina:  Thank you so much for working with me, Kimberly. It’s been amazing. I appreciate it. Have a great one.



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