Manifestation Inspiration: Hear How the Universe Conspires with Andrea


Kimberly: So hi, Andrea. Thank you so much for joining us today. So you have the coolest story because you are just about to join Spiritual Biz Bootcamp, and you’re getting resourceful and organizing some stuff. And I love how you took the leap, put down a deposit, and then I want you to share what the next step was that happened.

Andrea: Yeah, I really did do a leap because we are in between houses right now. We are renovating a house, and that is where every last penny of our money is going to. It’s going toward the renovation. And so we’re about two or three months out of getting in, and once we get in there, suddenly our lives are going to change. We’re not going to be putting all of our money toward the house.

So some stucco work had been done on our house literally a month ago. We were prepared to pay the stucco guy. He had already given us a fair price, and he just never came back to collect his money. And right after I paid the $500 deposit, it was like within 48 hours, he calls my husband, and my husband calls me and goes, “You’re not going to believe this. The stucco guy just called and said, ‘Oh, if you’re prepared to pay me tomorrow in cash, I’ll give you $500 off.'” So I was like, “Oh my gosh, this stucco guy just paid my $500 deposit.”

Kimberly: That is like so cool. And I love it because that happens a lot. When people finally take that leap and they are going to finally live their purpose and do everything, it’s like the universe just comes and helps you. I’ve had people get the entire price of the program paid by tax returns, or someone else had moved, and then when escrow closed, they had exactly the extra amount that they needed to get into boot camp, and it’s –

Andrea: Right.

Kimberly: I’m always amazed. I just love that story. So, I’ll ask you this because it is usually a big leap to do it, so what made the decision to like, “Yes, I’m actually going to join Spiritual Biz Bootcamp”?

Andrea: So in my past life, I was a lawyer, so I really connected with your experience as a businessperson. And I just, in the early stages of – I am a medium, and I read Akashic records — but in the early stages, I started to take that more seriously. And when I saw your webinar and the talk with Ann on your team, I was just like, I don’t know, “I can do this. And if I go ahead and pay the deposit, I’m going to really do this with a rocket under me, and I’m not going back to practicing law. I’m just not.” Done.

Kimberly: That’s great. And making that transition is always like a “Oh, my God.” And from law to mediumship to having your own spiritual business, that’s really cool.

Andrea: Yeah.

Kimberly: Who can say that?

Andrea: Yeah, well, there was definitely a few days of, “Oh my gosh, everyone’s going to think I’m crazy.” And I was like, “That’s okay. They can think I’m crazy.”

Kimberly: It is okay. Well, I just have to say congratulations for making the leap, and I just love the story, and I want to tell everybody I see that happen so often. So when we’re not in scarcity, and we just trust the universe that that’s going to work, and this is what I need to do, it really does come around. That whole energy flow and exchange just happens. Thank you so much for sharing your story. That’s really cool, and I look forward to seeing what you’re going to be creating in bootcamp.

Andrea: Thank you. Bye.



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