Making Money While You Meditate?

“Making money while you meditate.” is a phrase I have coined in my years as a Spiritual Leader. Normally what I am referring to with this saying is the idea of automating your business wherever possible, in order to give yourself time to meditate, or in other words, relax. There is another side to this concept though, and I want to take some time to touch on that, so that you truly can make money while you meditate.

In order to be able to make money while you meditate, you first have to meditate on money! Money is just Energy, and all energy is created by Source. If you actively connect with Source, and allow yourself to accept abundance into your life, that money will begin to show up for you. When you don’t trust in Source, and your vibration lowers, you come at your business from a place of scarcity and fear. This causes panic, and makes us think we have to put so much extra effort into our business. If you just focus on connecting with Source, and requesting that abundance enter your life, you will see the results.

Any Spiritual Entrepreneur out there can learn to make money while they meditate. It’s simply a matter of connecting with Source, and serving at the highest level possible. Accept that money is nothing but energy, and that Source will imbue that energy with love, and pass it to those in alignment. Take some time to meditate on money, and you will begin to make money while you meditate!

is time to make a change. This planet needs you! Just look around at everything that is going on. We need to create this force of people that will come together to raise the vibration. It is time for you to step out in a massive way, and truly embrace the gifts that Source has given you. Do not let those doubts and fears keep you from getting where you want to go. Take the leap, and trust that Source has you through the entire process.

If you are ready to take the leap, then perhaps Spiritual Biz Bootcamp is right for you. Check out my free Masterclass “5 Shifts To A 6 Figure Spiritual Business” here:, and if we are a vibrational match. You can then book a call with my team, and finally step out as the Spiritual Entrepreneur you were meant to be!



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