Are You Living Your “Hell, Yeah!”?


Hello, everybody. Happy Sunday. Welcome, Spiritual Biz Success people. How are you guys? I have been a little quiet lately, a little missing in action. I just came off of a 10-day cruise with Abraham-Hicks, which was unbelievable. Truly unbelievable. If you guys haven’t attended an Abraham-Hicks workshop, or maybe you don’t follow them and you’re trying to figure out who I’m talking about, I highly recommend it. It was absolutely incredible. Amazing people. Really incredible to be around a bunch of people where your vibration is really high.

You know,  every day, in our lives, we have people that kind of knock us down. We wake up. We’re feeling great. We’re going to do something amazing. And then someone says something or does something, and you get kind of like knocked around, and your vibration drops. Well, when you’re with this group of people, your vibration is just up and it’s high, and it is incredible. So that’s where I’ve been, and that’s why I’ve been quiet. I haven’t been here in the group, answering your spiritual business questions.

But I am back, and so I will be active again with you guys, a couple times a week. Welcome to new people, the new people that have joined in the past couple of weeks. Again, it’s been a little quiet in here, but I’ve been here a couple times a week teaching you guys something about your business and questions that you have. So I will be doing that. If you have questions, post them in the group. I’m always in there interacting with you guys.

I just wanted to touch really quickly upon some of this amazing stuff that I came away with from the Abraham-Hicks cruise and things that she talked about, about really being in alignment with who we are and how important that is. And we really have no other job on this planet except to really be in alignment with who we are, what we’re doing in our lives, the people we surround ourselves with. If we aren’t doing that, then what are we doing?

So I want you to look at your life. Take a moment. Look at yourself, and be like, “Am I in in alignment with where I am? Am I waking up every morning going, ‘Hell, yes!’? Am I waking up, and I’m going to work, and I’m going like, ‘Hell, yes, this is what I want to be doing’? I am serving at this level. I am showing people how to really shift their lives as well and how to be an example.”

If you’re not doing the, “Hell, yeah,” everyday, then you have to look and figure out what you need to change because there is nothing more important than having yourself in alignment with your higher self.

When we’re out of alignment, that’s when things feel weird. When we are in one spot and our higher self is in a different spot, things feel wobbly. Things feel uncomfortable. Something just doesn’t sit with us. We’re angry, or we’re all these negative emotions that pop up. So you have to be in your, “Hell, yeah,” place every day. If you’re not there, take a step back and figure out, “How do I get there? What are the steps that are going to take me to get to that, ‘Hell, yeah!’ place?”

So if you wake up in the morning and you’re going to a job that you are not doing the “Hell, yeah” to, then you might need to step back and look and say, “Well, what is going to give me my ‘Hell, yeah’? What is going to make me so excited to jump out of bed every single morning?” And I think for most of you, it’s really being in alignment with that higher calling of your service here, what you’re supposed to be doing to serve, how you’re supposed to be connecting with the people on this planet to help shift consciousness, and really get out there and have a ripple effect on the planet.

So think about it; what are you doing now? So many of you have gifts. We’re going through this awakening process where everyone’s awakening to their gifts and understanding. Hey, James. Yes, hell yeah. I love it, right? You’ve got to have that “Hell, yeah!” We’re having this awakening process, and a lot of people aren’t sure what to be doing with that. They’re feeling that things aren’t right. They’re feeling that they need to be taking things to another level, but they’re unclear.

So look at where you are. Look at the gifts that have been opening up for you. Decide… What are you going to do with those gifts? If you really want to serve at the highest level, your highest level of service is to create a vehicle to get out there and serve more people. That vehicle is a business because a business allows you to touch thousands of lives.

So if you have an amazing gift right now, like you are working with clients and you’ve got five or ten clients and you’re working at that level, that’s fantastic, but think of how many more people you could touch, how many more lives you could change if you really, really stepped out, if you really got out there in a big way. So when you’re looking to really serve, it is about creating that vehicle. That vehicle is your business that allows you to get out there, so that every day you can wake up with that “Hell, yeah!” Your higher self and you are together in the same place, and you know that that’s what you’re supposed to be doing, and you’re serving your purpose.

I know, for me, I wake up with that “Hell, yeah!” every day, and it’s amazing, but I didn’t used to. For those of you who don’t know my background, I worked on Wall Street. I was corporate my whole life. And even though I had all sorts of financial abundance — Hey, Janie! Aw, thank you. Thank you for… And I’m glad that I inspired you, and yes, your business is so important and that alignment, again. I worked on Wall Street. I was incredibly successful. I built multi-million-dollar companies, and it was great, but I knew something was missing. I did not have that “Hell, yeah!”

I wouldn’t sleep on Sunday nights when I knew I had to go into the office. I was really miserable, and I was doing other things to compensate for my happiness. I was shopping more than I should. I was eating more than I should. I was drinking more than I should. I was doing all the things where I was looking for some sort of satisfaction outside of me, and it just didn’t work.

I, at least, finally had the guts to leave Wall Street, and come down this path, which is why I’m here in front of you now, which is why I work with the most amazing clients to help build their business, so that they could also have a ripple effect, and they can wake up every morning and be like, “Hell, yeah! This is what I need to be doing.”

So if you aren’t having that “Hell, yeah!” moment every morning when you wake up, take a look. Figure out how you get there because there’s nothing more important on this planet, right now, than for you to be in that high vibration. For each one of us that is in that high vibration level, we have that ripple effect, and that ripple effect is what we need to get out there to help this shift in consciousness so that we are all in a great place, and all those negative things that are happening out there start to dissipate.

When there is love, and love is the main thing, you can’t have that negativity. It doesn’t work that way. So if you’re coming from love every day and you have your, “Hell, yeah! I’m in alignment,” and you know that you’re serving, and you’re out there changing lives every day, the impact is huge, and I sometimes don’t think that people get the impact that you can have, even as an individual.

When you create the business, when you create your spiritual business, it’s the vehicle to get out there and change thousands of lives. The impact you can have is huge. So get into your “Hell, yeah!” Make sure that you’re doing it. It’s a beautiful place.

If you’re ready to get into your “Hell, yeah” and really just take your business to the next level, private message me. I am in the group all the time, and any other questions that you guys have, post them down below. Post them in the group.

I do videos. I’m doing a video probably Monday or Tuesday. Someone had a question about pricing their package, and how do you get out there. I’ll be addressing that Monday or Tuesday. So you guys have a beautiful rest of your weekend.

Sorry I’ve been so quiet, but I was having an amazing, amazing time on the Abraham-Hicks cruise at my highest vibration and knowing that I know I’m living my purpose, and my life is just magical. So let’s make yours magical, too. Have a beautiful day, and I’ll see you guys in the group. Have a good one.



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