Did You Know Your “About Me” Page Isn’t About You at All?


Hello, everybody. Welcome. Hello, Spiritual Biz Success group. How are you guys today? Today, we are talking about your About page. And I can see by number of people that clicked at the little abundance option to show up that this was good topic that you guys wanted to talk about. Let’s chat about your website a little bit and your About page.

Now, I would say your website does not make you money. People will spend a lot of time, energy, money on branding and website. And yes, there is a time and a place for that. When you’re making $50,000 and above a month in your program and in your business, then you can start worrying about getting all the fancy branding. Until then, let’s just talk about your website and realize that your website does not make you money, but your website is your business card. So you wouldn’t spend a ton of money on your business card. You know, you go to Vistaprint. You spend a little bit of money on it. You get something that looks nice. Same idea with your website, that it needs to be functional.

I’m going to start by saying that with the website, please make sure it is WordPress. If you have anything other than WordPress, ultimately, I don’t think you can run a full-scale business on it. I know the Wix stuff and everything, they’ve got some really cool things. If you’re selling physical product, that might work for you. But really, if you’re selling your knowledge, your gift, your ability to change lives, and how I know I showed my clients how to build their businesses, having a WordPress website comes in incredibly handy.

So now that we know a website doesn’t make you a ton of money, it’s just there, but it is part of your marketing plan. One of the most important pieces of it, other than your Home page, is your About page, the About Me page. The About Me page is the actually most visited page of your website. Think about that for a second. People show up, and they immediately go to your About page to see who you are and what you’re all about.

But the biggest mistake that’s made on the About page is that you talk all about you. Your About Me page should not be about you. This is a misnomer a little bit. It is, and it isn’t, but let me explain why. When you go to an About Me page, and you’ve been there, go look at yours. A lot times, it’s about, “I did this, and I went here, and I went to school here, and I had this degree, and I went, I traveled this summer, and I’ve got five kids and a dog.” That’s usually what About Me pages look like. And that’s absolutely what you do not want to be doing.

What you want to be doing is really showing and showcasing yourself for the client. What I mean by that is that you need to be talking about how you are serving the client. It’s not about where you went to school and what modalities you practice and all of that. It has nothing to do with that. What it has to do with is how you are serving. How are you serving your client? And how are you going to show them something amazing?

And since it is the most visited page on your website, you’ve got to make sure you do a really good job with this. So what I mean by showcasing yourself but doing it for the client is you want to first talk to the client and make sure they’re in the right spot. You want to make sure they’re in the right spot because people may end up at your website for various reasons, and you really want to make sure that when they show up, they belong there.

Here’s a big misnomer… As spiritual entrepreneurs, we believe we can help everybody. And yes, you can help everybody, but not everybody wants to be helped, and you’re not going to. And so not everybody’s going to want to connect with you, and, frankly, I don’t think you should want to serve everybody.

Now, let me just chat about that for a second. When we serve everybody, that means a lot of what we’re doing is very generic, and you don’t want to be a generic “Joe Schmo – does this particular modality of healing.” You want to be able to be an expert in what you do. If you’re an expert in what you do, that means you have a very specific clientele. That means who you’re working with is a very specific person that you can serve at the highest level.

I don’t know if I have any boot campers in here. In my Spiritual Biz Boot Camp, we spend the entire course, especially the first few weeks, getting super ridiculously clear on who that ideal client is, that you can connect with them. So when someone shows up on your About page, you want to make sure they’re in the right spot.

So the first thing you want to do is talk about who you work with. That’s the first thing you want to say. Who is it that you work with? So my page is going to be like, “I help spiritual entrepreneurs.” So if someone comes along who isn’t a spiritual entrepreneur, I don’t want to work with them. They can be starting some amazing startup company about X, Y and Z, but if they are not — There’s Sue. Sue is in the boot camp. So they’re not part of my spiritual family. If they aren’t following the same beliefs that I have, I definitely don’t want to work with them as a client.

The first thing you want to do on your About page is say, “Hey, this is who I work with.” And do it in a fun way. Actually, I’m not sure if I know mine off the top of my head. I’ll look on my website over here. What you want to be able to do is be able to say, “Hey, I’m Kimberly Maska, and I work with spiritual entrepreneurs who X, Y, Z.” I’m actually going to pull mine up so I can actually read it to you, and you guys can check it out on my website too. So they know right away who I’m working with.

Mine starts out kind of fun. I make it fun. I say, “Hey there, I’m Kimberly, and I have the best ‘job’ ever. Calling it a job isn’t accurate since it’s my passion and doesn’t feel like a job at all. When someone asks me what I do, I tell them I help people make money while they meditate.” Right? That’s how I show my clients how to eventually turn everything into automation.

Then, when I have to re-explain a little bit, I say, “I serve spiritual entrepreneurs who desperately want to serve the world with their gift, create abundance and live the life they were meant to live.” That’s what my About Me page starts with, and that’s really important because if someone lands on that page, they look at it, and they go, “Spiritual entrepreneurs? What’s that?” And clearly, they’re in the wrong place.

You want to make sure when someone lands on your About page, that they know they belong there, that that’s where they should be, and they should be there because they are, for me, spiritual entrepreneurs. And for you, you’re going to clearly define who they are. Make it fun. Make it interesting. Don’t make it very stuffy. This is really your chance to show your personality, to shine a bit, because they are coming here to find out about you. So let them know about you, but do it from a place of service to show how you can serve them.

The first thing you want to is really be clear on who it’s for, who do you work with, and then do it in a fun way. Again, you guys can all check out my website and see what it looks like. I think I call mine My Story instead of About Me. You can read that piece. Hey, Zena. You knew you were in the right place. When you come to me, you know if you’re not a spiritual entrepreneur, we don’t match. Or you can go to another coach who maybe isn’t very spiritual, and you are, and there’s not a connection. So you have to let them know that they’re in the right place. That’s the first piece you want to do, and be really clear about that.

Then, the next thing you want to talk about is what you do, but do it in a way of talking about the issue they may be going through at the moment and how you help people. So you’re talking about the result of what you do. It’s not, “I’m intuitive, and I’m a healer, and I do Reiki and crystal bowls,” and it is none of that. That is not on your About page at all because they don’t really care, to be honest. They’re not coming to you for those specific things. They’re coming to you for a result.

So the second thing you want to do after you clarify that they’re in the right place is let them know what it is that you do by talking to the result. How do you get them there? The problem is X, and you’re going to show them the result, which is Y. You have to look at those two things and be able to communicate about that. What is it that you do for them and how can you help them?

Again, this is about coming from a place of service. You notice the first two things we’ve talked about on your About Me page really have nothing to do with you. The first thing is making sure that they’re comfortable and that they’re in the right place, and the second thing is showing them how you can serve them. How are you going to help them? How are you going to change their lives? Now, you’ve got those two things covered. I’m looking at my notes here, make sure I’ve got it.

Then, now, we’re going to get to talk about you. Number three is now showing them why you’re qualified to serve them. This is the first time we’re really talking about you. First time, again, making sure they’re comfortable, and they know they’re in the right spot. Second thing is showing them how you can serve them. Again, this is about them.

Now, in step number three, now you’re going to say, “Okay, I can help you achieve those things because X, Y and Z.” These are now where you can list the points or talk about your background. While it’s fantastic that you may have a degree from certain schools and what have you, if it’s not relevant to how you’re going to serve them, it doesn’t matter. I hate to say that, but they don’t really care because then it sounds like a resume.

You’ve seen those About Me pages where it’s like a resume. I went here and then I did this, and they don’t really care. It has to be about how you’re going to serve them at the highest level. So in this section, when you talk about yourself for the first time, you’re going to talk to them and say, “I’m qualified to help you because…” And you’re going to list what those things are.

In my instance, I’m qualified to help you because I’ve built a $165-million-dollar company on Wall Street. I have built businesses. That is my true intuitive gift, is to be able to look at people’s businesses and know how to fix them, and I’m deeply spiritual, and that is how I live my life. You guys hear me talk about it all the time, that being in alignment with who I am is like truly my greatest gift to myself with the clarity that I have.

When you get to know me, and you can read a blurb about me, you can go, “Wow, this person’s totally qualified to show me how to create my spiritual business.” It’s not I just decided to do this one day and had no business background. This is my expertise. This is what I’ve done, and I’ve done it on a level that most people have never even come close to. So that’s why I’m an expert at this, and so I say that.

Now, it’s a perfect place to toot your own horn, and you really do want to toot your own horn because now they’re on your web page. They are looking at you, which means they are somehow interested in what you are doing, and now this is your moment to shine. This is your moment to let them know that you’re an authority and how you can help them. So that’s where you’re going to put that after you’ve qualified who they are so that they know they’re in the right place and really making them feel comfortable and then showing them how you can serve them.

Then, the third step is showing them that you can serve them that way because… And then, you show them your qualifications. Notice we still haven’t listed a lot of things. You’re not going to list that you do crystal bowls unless you directly tie in your result you’re giving them from the crystal bowls. I always say to talk to the “what” and not the “how.”

So when people are coming to you, they really want a solution to a problem. They have an issue, which is why they’ve shown up, which is why they are connecting with you, because there’s a problem that they believe that you can solve. So you want to talk to them about solving that problem.

Now, how you get there with them, I don’t think they really care. Sometimes, it’s a little overwhelming and too scary to tell them. We were laughing this morning because – I have the coolest group, my Spiritual Biz Boot Camp. I have these truly amazing spiritual entrepreneurs who are taking their businesses to a whole other level. And we were laughing this morning of having a very similar conversation like this, and I laughed.

And then, we were talking about, if they knew ahead of time the growth and everything that they would go through, it might have been a little overwhelming, but they are so excited to be in there because they know that they are doing something amazing. Sometimes, you don’t maybe want to give them too much information. You’ve got to just let them know that you are going to solve their problem and why you’re the expert to do it.

Now, I mentioned that your About Me page is also the most visited page on your website. That’s the first place people go. They land there. They want to know who you are. So take this opportunity to also put your irresistible offer up there. Now, if you guys don’t know what an irresistible offer is, that’s part of what I teach in the boot camp.

I also have a program out there called Building Your Unique Tribe. It actually is very specific. I’ll post a link. But the idea of having an irresistible offer is a way to start building your email list because when you are creating your business and your company, the key to it is to have an email list, to have an audience that you can connect with.

When you’re creating your email list, you’re going to do that by offering them something for free. That’s your free gift. Your free gift is your irresistible offer. It’s not too terribly difficult to make. I have a bunch of my people, my Spiritual Biz Boot Camp peeps, are doing that right now, and it’s not that difficult. But it’s really necessary, absolutely necessary, for your business to be able to bring those people in and show, again, your expertise.

Now, they’re on your About Me page, and they’re reading about you, and they know that you’re on the same wavelength. There’s a synergy because you’ve qualified them. You’re talking about the problem that you’re solving for them and how you’re going to serve them. They’re like, “Yes, that’s me,” and you show them your expertise so there’s one more thing.

Then, you’re going to give them two things. You’re going to allow them to sign up for your irresistible offer, and you’re also going to tell them how they can work with you. Because after they’ve made it this far and they’re like, “Well, this is someone I really want to connect with and see what they’re about,” make sure you’re including the link for how to work with you. And then, if they are maybe not quite ready to work with you, or maybe sometimes even if they are, they will also download your irresistible offer.

So you really want to make sure you have all of those elements on there, that they can work with you directly from that page. There should be a link or a button that sends them through your process, whatever that process is for your business, so that they can go through and then know how to connect with you so that you can turn them into a client. I think I’ve covered that all.

So that’s the five things, right? You want to make sure you qualify them and basically get them comfortable and know that they’re in the right place. You’re going to talk about how you’re going to serve them best, which is the problem they have and how you can serve them. The third piece is why you’re qualified to serve them. That’s where you have to toot your horn and sound amazing. Then, you’re going to talk to them about how they can work with you, give them a way to call you or email you or watch your training, however your process is. Then, the last piece is making sure that your irresistible offer is there because you want to mention that they are signing up your email list.

This is a prime opportunity to capture that email list so that you can grow your list and really increase your spiritual family for your business. That is the whole spiel about the About Me page. Let me know if you guys have any questions because I can see them down here. And if not, I think that’s it.

If you guys are serious, truly if you guys are here, that means you have a calling. You’re here. You have a calling. You’re ready to make a change. You’re trying to figure it out. If you’re just beginning, stay in here. Follow me. Get all the tips that I give you. But if you guys are serious about really taking it to another level, if you’re really serious about changing thousands of lives, and I don’t know why you wouldn’t be serious about it, then reach out, message me. I’ll talk to you about the Spiritual Biz Boot Camp, which is an amazing thing in that people are really rocking it out there. It’s a lot of fun to see them be able to change thousands and thousands of lives.

And we have a question. “Have you done a video on the Main page?” I have not done a video on the Home page. Your Home page is usually just a little bit more — depending on how you have it set up, you could have it as your blog post. That’s the most current thing. Or you can have it as an overall banner and greeting. Again, your irresistible offer should be on that page, and it would be nice to do a little video on there too so that they can see who you are. Those would be my suggestions for your Home page.

I think that’s it, guys. If there’s no more questions, I’ll see you later in the group. But if you’re ready to change thousands of lives, private message me. We can chat. Have a beautiful day. I’ll see you in the group later on. Bye-bye.



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