Just Starting Out and Wondering Where to Begin?

Where do I begin?

The first piece of getting started in your spiritual business is preparing to be in your ready mindset. We have to know that you are ready to have the mental certainty in who you are to step out. It is ok to have a “wobble” when you first step out, but once you figure out your mindset, you will be ready to step out and change lives and use your gift.

The second piece is using the idea that you are creating a business. Many forget that they have the ability to create a business. You need to create a platform to spread your message so you can change lives in a big way. The platform is very important. Have a base. That platform will help your business grow and expand. That is what allows you to touch so many lives.

When you are speaking, you are not always able to monetize that. You miss a huge opportunity to gain followers and a fan base. You can maintain your other ideas (books, speaking engagements, etc.), but you must continue to create a solid platform.

Remember this is a business, and you can’t do it on your own. Find a mentor. Make sure that mentor is someone who knows what they are doing and will provide guidance. You will need to invest in yourself.

You Need to Use These 3 Energies

You will need to use three energies: the energy of money to start business, the energy of creativity to create a business, and the energy of time to give to your business. If you do not have these three energies, then your gift will remain a hobby. Use your gift to create a business and a true platform to change thousands and thousands of lives. In turn, you will create that ripple effect.

Always begin by working on your certainty and clarity. Then, invest in your business. It is privilege to invest in something that is going to take care of you for the rest of your life. Stop taking your gift as a hobby and get out there and change lives! Align all of your energies to start a successful business. If you get the right mentor, you will get the EXACT steps to go from nothing to having a tribe, having a webinar, and making money while you meditate. Gather your resources and get out there!

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