Is “Spiritual Business” an Oxymoron?

Last week I received a comment on one of my posts that said, “Spiritual Business…isn’t that an oxymoron?” It got me thinking. Why are so many people hung up on the idea of creating abundance with their spiritual gifts?

The opposite of having a spiritual business is to have an unspiritual business, one created while we are out of alignment with who we are at our core. One where we work “hard” each day; suffering from stress and anxiety. How does that help anyone? It doesn’t. In fact, it carries over into our relationships, creating unnecessary strain with our loved ones.

What has happened in our society where it is acceptable, wait not acceptable, but the norm, to create money when we are out of alignment and disconnected from source?

The money we create when we are out of alignment will never satisfy us. We will always feel we deserve more because we worked so hard for it; had to give up so much of ourselves to create it. So we use that money to buy things that we think will satisfy the piece of us that is missing from the equation. We buy shoes, purses, useless chotchkies.

I know this all too well. I spent 8 years of my career working on Wall Street. Earning more money than most can imagine. And I had a closet full of stuff to prove how unhappy I was in my life.

Making money while you are disconnected from Source is foolish. The energy behind its creation will never bring you happiness, enlightenment or alignment.

To create our abundance we need to change our perception of money. Money is simply energy. And it is spiritual, since everything in our physical and non-physical world is created by Source. Money is merely spiritual energy translated into our physical world.

Take a moment and ask yourself if your current source of money feeds your soul. Does it bring you joy? Are you changing lives?

If not, then be selfish enough stop everything and find your true self and create a life you love. Create a business that inspires you. A spiritual business that changes lives. One that creates abundance so you can change the world.

Are you ready to begin exploring your spiritual business? The first step is to build your tribe. Do nothing until you begin to build your tribe. Don’t let your purpose slip by another day.  Download my free gift for you, a Build Your Tribe Starter Kit so you can start building your tribe today!

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