Is Money Keeping You Stuck in the Matrix?

There is a serious difference of opinion around spirituality and money in the Spiritual Entrepreneur community. I have heard plenty of people say that the two concepts have no business being connected, and that money is actually what is holding us back, and keeping us locked into the Matrix or the System. I would go as far as to say the exact opposite of that: that having money, and abundance is what will help us break free of the Matrix, and finally live a free and fulfilled life.

If you ask me, the problem is not with money, but with debt. The typical problem with money is when we just don’t have it. That is when our vibration drops, and we retreat to a Scarcity Mindset. Then the stresses of how to pay the bills, not being able to afford your kid’s new shoes, and fixating on pinching pennies start to take over your life. That sounds like the Matrix that I know too many of you are familiar with.

The real key to escaping the Matrix is to continually raise your vibration to its highest level, and be fully connected to Source. When you do that, you will find that Source will provide you with all the abundance you need. Part of that abundance is, you guessed it: Money! When you raise your vibration to that high level, and accept that abundance, you will break free of the Scarcity Mentality, and escape the Matrix. When we choose to be conscious creators of our reality, we can shape our lives how we wish, and truly be free of any System.

Try to remember that there is abundance all around us. Source provides for all, and it is only when our thoughts turn away from that abundance that we begin to experience scarcity in our lives. Everything in the Universe is energy. We are all energy, love is energy, and money is the exact same energy. When we can provide people with something they love, they will take part in an energy exchange with us in the form of money. It is a beautiful thing, and is necessary to maintain the balance of energy in the Universe.

There is an awakening happening, and a paradigm shift taking place. If you want to break free of the Matrix, start by sharing the gifts that Source gave you. It is time to step out and be a vehicle for shifting consciousness! Is Spiritual Biz Bootcamp right for you? Find out by watching my free masterclass at



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