Interview with Michelle Martin Dobbins of

Michelle Martin Dobbins is an author, spiritual alchemist, & reiki master who shares true stories of magic, creation, and love in everyday life on her blog at She supports people to transform their lives using love and joy.   Her fiction writing has been featured in Woman’s World magazine and Alfie Dog Fiction. Her ebook, Spiritual Alchemy, is available now on Amazon.  She has also been recognized as a top Law of Attraction Blogger for 2013.

In her interview with Kimberly Maska on Mind Body Spirit Marketing Strategies she discusses how she went from being a blogger, to creating a business she loves and how she has over accumulated over 15k Facebook followers using Sandi Krakowski’s methods.   Click here to listen to the amazing interview:

You can connect with her and get her Magic Question of the Day and motivational snippets throughout the day on Facebook at  and Twitter at






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