Are Your Income Goals Sabotaging Your Success?

I was speaking with a client from my Spiritual Biz Bootcamp last week (she gave me the O.K. to share this) and she was saying how when she focuses on her monthly income goal, all of this negative energy comes up.

Negative thoughts like….

“Is that too much to ask?”…
“Am I worth that much?”…
“How can I make that happen?”…
“Will someone really pay me that much?”…
“That is a big number, can I really earn that much?”

All begin to creep up and she can literally feel the panic.

She falls into scarcity mode and begins to literally push the money away from her. Kind of like manifesting in reverse. Have you ever felt this way?

I know we are told that we get what we focus on, but if the thing you are focusing on gives you a feeling of panic, then STOP! Don’t let your income goal sabotage your success!

So instead of focusing on the dollar amount, I now have her focusing on what her life will look like AFTER she has achieved her income goal. And now I want you to do the same.

Write out what a day in your life would look like if you were earning $10,000 a month. What is the first thing you would do in the morning (can you now go to Starbucks every day without feeling guilty for dropping $5 on a coffee)? How are you serving your clients? What does your home look like (newly decorated)? How as your life changed (do you have someone cleaning your home and making your dinner for you)? What vacation on you planning (is a hut over the crystal blue water in Tahiti now a reality)? How much money are you giving back to the world ($5k, $10k, $15k a year to feed families and build schools)?

Write it out. Visualize it.

Now FOCUS each day on a day in your life with $10k a month and the income to achieve that wonderful day will begin to come to you.

It is a universal law. Enjoy!

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Kimberly Maska



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