How to Set Your Pricing

Be in Vibrational Alignment with Your Pricing

One of the most common questions I hear from clients as they work to set up their spiritual businesses, is “how do I set my pricing?”. When you are looking to set the price for your services, always remember that YOU are invaluable! You can’t assign a dollar amount to yourself, because you are PRICELESS!

Instead, charge for the value you give your clients. What problem are you solving for them? What is the outcome of your services, and how does their life look when you are done working with them? If you don’t understand how you can help change their life, there is no connection being made between where the client is at in their life, and what you do! Remember, people pay for the result, not the service, so if you can’t tell them what’s in it for them, your clients will not pay those top dollar prices.

Keep in mind that you must be in vibrational alignment with your pricing. You have to feel good about what you are charging if you expect someone else to feel good about it. If you have a wobble in your pricing, it will send a ripple of wobbles through your whole business. If you are charging too low, it is a sign that you aren’t secure on your end.  Once you feel good about your pricing, and are in full vibrational alignment with it, , you can create the abundance you desire with your spiritual gifts. Your customers will feel that certainty in you, and happily pay for the solutions you are providing for them.

When you can create a balanced energy exchange between you and your clients, something will click, and your pricing will just feel right. If you need help finding a place to start when establishing your pricing, my Spiritual Biz Bootcamp can help give you some perspective. We have a very specific process for pricing and valuing your services. Check out my free masterclass here: You will learn more on how my spiritual coaching clients are creating six-figure businesses while raising consciousness and the vibration of this planet.



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