How to Have FUN Creating Your Spiritual Business

One of the biggest questions I need to ask the Spiritual Entrepreneurs that come through my Bootcamp is: Are you having fun creating your Spiritual Business? It’s such a fascinating thing to watch these Spiritual Entrepreneurs start to create their businesses. They know it’s their life calling, they know it’s their goal to have a thriving business, and yet they look at it like its a burden. Starting a business should be fun, it should be exciting!

Even when things don’t go exactly how we planned, it should still be a fun process. We should be able to look at the thing that went differently than we thought, and learn from that contrast, and become better for it!

You have been given this opportunity from Source to create your own business! To live your truth, and follow your true calling. If you are not having fun with that, with all the ups and downs, then you may be in the wrong line of work! It should be a constant joy that you are creating something on your own, as a way to share your gifts and shift consciousness on this planet!

One way to remind yourself that creating your Spiritual Business is fun, is to remember where you have been! We have all struggled through traditional 9-5 jobs, and felt that unhappiness. We have struggled with the idea that we have been called upon by Source to serve, but don’t exactly know how. Now, here you are, following your true calling. Creating something that will fulfill you, and your drive to help others! If that doesn’t put a big smile on your face, I don’t know what will!

So if you are ready to create your spiritual business, ready to take that leap, and step out there in a major way, let me know and we will book a call to start you on your journey towards living your purpose.

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