How to Charge Without Years of Experience

When spiritual entrepreneurs come to Bootcamp to create their successful spiritual businesses, one of the main questions I hear is, “how do I charge people for my gifts when I don’t have the experience of some other spiritual coaches out there?”. Finding that comfort level of charging based our your experience is a huge wobble I see coming from spiritual entrepreneurs. There are a few main things going on here:

One of the first things people do when they are trying to find that comfort level when it comes to pricing is to look at what other people are charging. When you look at someone charging “X” amount, and make your pricing decisions based on that, you are doing yourself a huge disservice. First of all, your gifts are your own. They are unique to you, and cannot be compared or quantified in comparison to someone else’s gifts. You have these special, unique gifts that you have confidence behind, and that is the key. It doesn’t matter the level of experience you have, or what someone else is charging, or what certifications you have or don’t have compared to someone else.

When you are looking at what you are going to charge your clients, you should be charging based off of the results you get them. That is what you are looking at, and that is how you come up with your number. Stop looking at “service rates” as the benchmark for your charging set up. Price is just a number, and saying that it costs $150 for a reading because that’s what other people are charging discredits your gifts. When you are serving at the absolute highest level, you are providing your clients with valuable results. Those results aren’t directly comparable to the results that another coach would get them, and therefore, the price shouldn’t be either!

Other big problems I see when people come to Bootcamp, are charging hourly rates and trying to charge “what you’re worth”. Clients are not paying you for your time. They are paying you for what they get out of your services. Again, they are paying for results, so an hourly rate means very little to them. As for charging “what you’re worth”, you are INVALUABLE! You cannot put a price tag on what you are worth, and honestly, clients don’t want that. There is no dollar amount you can put on yourself, but you can put a dollar amount on the results you get your clients.

Remember that you are unique, and your gifts are unique to you. There is no comparison between you and another spiritual entrepreneur. The more time we spend getting caught up in assigning ourselves value based on others, the more time we are wasting that could be put towards sharing our gifts with others.

When you can create a balanced energy exchange between you and your clients, something will click, and your pricing will just feel right. If you need help finding a place to start when establishing your pricing, my Spiritual Biz Bootcamp can help give you some perspective. We have a very specific process for pricing and valuing your services. Check out my free masterclass here: You will learn more on how my spiritual coaching clients are creating six-figure businesses while raising consciousness and the vibration of this planet.



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