How I Made A Woman Cry At The AT&T Store

Against my better judgment I visited the AT&T store in Pasadena on Thanksgiving weekend to upgrade my iPhone. You see, I am about to create a whole series of mindful marketing videos for all of you and want the video to be crystal clear (stay tuned!).

My decision was last minute, or as Abraham-Hicks would like us to say, I “received information” that I should visit the AT&T store and acted on it, so I did not have an appointment. There was a significant wait so I wandered around with my coffee, listening to the rather mundane conversations going on around me.

Over the conversations and music playing in the store, I could hear a noise, a loud, grunting type noise, that was coming from a teenage boy that wasn’t what some might call, normal. (What does normal really mean anyway? According to most people, I’m not normal either…I like that about me 🙂

I looked in his direction as he continued his attempt to communicate with his family. I could only see the back of him but I could tell he was a tall boy, almost 6 feet, and about 16 years old. I opened my heart and mind and silently greeted him with, “Hello, beautiful soul.” It was the most amazing thing, he immediately turned and walked right up to me, with a huge smile. He wanted to give me a kiss. His poor aunt turned pale, ran to pull him away and began apologizing. I couldn’t very well explain that I had “called” him to me, but I assured her that everything was okay. I smiled back and asked him his name.

She burst into tears with gratitude for the kindness and attention I gave him, which of course made me cry as well. Through her tears, she explained that the young man was her nephew, and his name was Ian. He was autistic and had never been able to communicate verbally. But clearly he understood my energy, a gift most of us don’t exercise enough. I have to admit, I wasn’t expecting him to feel my message and was as surprised as his family was that he connected with me. I am so grateful for my ability to send energy where it is needed.

Our energy matters. It matters every moment of every day. People feel it whether they acknowledge it or not. You never know when someone will be in tune your vibrational energy, so keep it high and full of love. It could make their day, or yours.

How are you using your energy to change the world? Leave a comment below and share your stories.

Until next time, be passionate, be inspired and live your dream.

Have a beautiful day!



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