How Boni Lonnsburry turned $50 into $5 million

Hear Boni’s amazing story on the Mindful Marketing Podcast!

Boni Lonnsburry is the CEO of Inner Art Inc., an expert on “conscious creation,” the founder of Live A Life You Love and the author of the best selling books, “The Map: To Our Responsive Universe, Where Dreams Really Do Come True” and “Messages From Your Unseen Friends.”

By applying the Universal Law of Attraction to her own life she transformed poverty, loneliness and despair to abundance, love and joy. In 2000, broke, alone, jobless and nearly homeless, Boni invested $50 with a partner to start a new company In Touch Today – a business marketing company. Six months later, while helping her customers “grow their business,” she bought her partner out and in five years transformed her financial life from foreclosure and bankruptcy to abundance beyond even her wildest dreams – turning In Touch Today into $5 million company and selling it in 2011. But Boni didn’t stop there. Hear the full interview here: CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Remember…be passionate, be inspired and live your dream! Enjoy the show!



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