Do You Have A Hobby Or A Business?

Are you giving your gift away for free? Are you uncomfortable asking for compensation for the transformation you provide your tribe?

If you answered yes, then you have a hobby. I am sure it is a beautiful hobby that touches lives, but a hobby none the less. Are you ready to make a change and create a spiritual business?

To stop treating your business as a hobby you must begin to advertise. When you advertise, you will find your tribe. And if you know how to speak directly to your tribe, then you will find your unique tribe that loves you.

Yes, you can find your tribe by posting on Facebook, joining Facebook groups and finding clients via word of mouth, but this is a really, really slow approach. Why waste time trying to find your tribe organically when you can find them quickly through advertising and in turn, change more lives?

Every successful business has an advertising budget. Create an advertising budget that is comfortable for you. Ideally, you should take 20-30% of your profit and turn it right back into your business. This is how you will grow you business…quickly.

Here are three tips to successful advertising:

1) Be strategic in your advertising. By strategic, I mean have a plan and be able to measure your results. If you spend $100 on advertising, then you need to be able to measure how much you make from that $100. And don’t scoff at a small profit. Profit is profit. I don’t know about you, but I would spend $100 everyday to make $110.

2) Focus on building your tribe, i.e. your email list. Create an irresistible offer and solve a problem for your tribe for free. An energy exchange will occur. You will solve a problem for your tribe, and in return they will give you their email address, keeping everything in balance.

3) Test, test, test. Know that you won’t hit the bullseye the first time out. You will need to test your ads. Be prepared to try a few renditions of your ad; vary the image, the copy, the offer. And since you will be measuring your results (right?), you will know which ad works best. Focus on your best performing ad and begin to increase your budget.

Now it is time for you to step out and build your tribe. You can download your Build Your Tribe Stater Kit here:


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