Do You HATE Selling? Take the “Icky” Out of Sales to Change More Lives and Create More Abundance


Hello, everybody. Hello, Spiritual Business Success group. How are you guys this morning? All right, so today, I’m going to hop right in. Today, we are talking about sales because I know sales makes a lot of people very uncomfortable. So if you’re feeling like sales is icky, and you feel like a used car salesman when you’re trying to sell or you feel like you’re trying to shove something down someone’s throat because you’ve got something to offer them, then we need to talk.

You need to be watching this video because sales is such an interesting thing. We have this negative connotation about it that we’re like – oh, we really do think of that used car salesman. So when we talk about sales, most people’s initial reaction is negative. “I’m going to push something on someone,” or we think of that used car salesman that’s trying to sell something we don’t really need or don’t really want. It’s very uncomfortable. People say, “Oh, what are you going to sell me now?” And it’s like we need to remove this.

We really need to have a perspective shift about what sales really is because sales is how you serve. If you aren’t selling something that changes lives, you’re not serving. So let’s talk about what I mean by that. So, sales… I actually have a friend that has a course that’s called The Sacred Art of Leaving Everyone Satisfied. SALES – Sacred Art of Leaving Everyone Satisfied. Think about it like that because when you are there to serve, that is when you need to sell what you have.

And again, there’s this disconnect, and us spiritual entrepreneurs are always talking about, “How do I serve?”

“What do you want to do?”

They’re like, “I just want to help. I just want to serve.”

Well, you aren’t serving if you haven’t created a vehicle with which to serve, which is your spiritual business. So if you don’t have a spiritual business, you’re really not serving yet. So that’s the first thing you need to look at. So you need the spiritual business to really be able to serve and serve on a global level.

So when you say that you want to serve, say, “Okay, do I have the vehicle with which to do it?” And then, once you have the business, you have to sell something, but that’s a good thing. When you sell something that someone needs, when you’re solving a problem for somebody, and you can sell them the solution to the problem that they’re looking for, that’s when you’re serving.

You’re not serving by playing small. You’re not serving by giving your gifts away for free. You’re serving when you have created a product, a program, a service in which you can change somebody’s life. And when you can change somebody’s life with what you do, it is your duty. I want you to hear that. It is your duty to sell that to them because you’re actually being incredibly selfish if you aren’t out there creating a business in which you can get out there and actually serve.

And yes, Kristin says, “You can still serve those randomly sent to you by spirit.” I’m going to say yes, I agree. You can serve all day long, but that’s serving on such a small level. Why are you playing small just getting the people that are randomly sent to you? That doesn’t make any sense to me. If you really have a gift, you need to step it up and use that gift. That’s why Source gave you the gift to begin with, was to be able to step out and really serve at a bigger level. Playing small isn’t helping. Serving the people that randomly come to you, yes, it’s a beautiful thing, but that’s not really serving. You have to be able to really step out and serve at a bigger level.

When you’re serving at a bigger level, again, you have the vehicle with which to do it. That’s your spiritual business, and then you create a program or a product or a service which really solves a problem. So there’s something that you do for your clients, and they are looking for a solution for that. You owe it to them to give them that solution. There are people out there that are praying for what you have and the problem that you solve right now. They’re looking for you, and they’re saying, “I have this problem. Somebody help me.”

How many times have you heard that from people? “Somebody help me with this problem.” And if you can help them, it is your duty to get out there and actually have the vehicle and get in the business to be able to get out there and show them how to do this. So, when we talk about sales, again, we’re like, “Oh, this is uncomfortable, and I’m selling, and I want to be able to, be able to…,” you know, “I feel like I’m going to push something down someone’s throat.” And it’s like, no, because if you aren’t selling what you have, again, there’s people waiting for what you have. So what are you doing? So sales is actually a service because you are serving those when you sell them what you have.

Now, some people are going to say, “Well, I can serve everybody and just give my gift away for free.” So let’s talk about what that is and why that doesn’t work. Now, it kind of works because, yes, you can give your gift away for free. But when was the last time someone gave you something for free? What did you do with that free thing? Say it was a book. Did you go, “Oh, cool, really, I got this free book,” and then it sits on the shelf and collects dust? Or you get access to a free course online, you know, all the free gifts that people give, and I do it too, but do you ever actually open those? I know you don’t because I know in my business, I can look at, when I give something away for free, how many people actually look at it, and it’s a really small percentage.

So, when you give something away for free, people aren’t valuing what you’re giving them. It’s free. What is that worth? It’s not worth anything because you gave it away for free. But when people invest in what you’re doing and what the service is that you’re providing, when they invest on that, they have a higher level of commitment to that. So they’re more ready to do whatever you’re teaching. Say you’re teaching, you know, about how to get in touch with Spirit, basically widen your life, brighten your life, have a happier life. You’re teaching them this. Then, they’re going to value that more, and you’re going to be able to really step out, and they can step out with what you’re teaching them.

Think again… How many family members have you helped with your gift, and you give it away for free? And then they go, “Oh, that’s just so and so. They just do that on the side.” There’s no value when there isn’t an energy exchange of money. So that energy exchange is incredibly important for people to see the value.

And not only is it just value, but think about this… Think about how good it feels to give. As spiritual entrepreneurs, we are all givers. So how good does it feel when we give? Think about that for a second. Because any time we do something, it feels really good to give. Now, if you are not charging or you are allowing your gift to be given away for free, you are actually robbing the other individual the experience of that feeling “really good” to give to you. Think about that. That’s actually pretty selfish.

We know how good it feels to give, and yet you’re robbing someone else of that experience because of the fact that you’re like, “Oh, I’m going to give it away for free.” It feels good to give. When you’re providing a really big solution for someone and a life-changing solution, they’re willing to give you a really big energy exchange for that, that financial energy exchange, and that’s huge. So don’t rob people the pleasure of being able to give you something really amazing, which is their energy of money, and don’t be afraid to get out there and actually sell because when you’re selling, you are serving. And when you’re serving, you’re really reaching people.

If you want to serve at the highest level, you charge them. You charge them because they’re committed. They’re committed. They want to see results. They’re going to show up. If you guys are doing stuff at a low price point, think about how many people cancel appointments with you, how many people just don’t show up, or how many people you give the advice to, and they never listen to what you’re saying. It’s because there’s no value because they’re not invested in what you’re doing. So, sales is amazing. Sales is really an amazing gift you can give to your clients. To be able to sell them something is really coming from a place of service.

So, when you aren’t selling something, you’re being selfish because you’re keeping your gift from people who really need what you have. So, we need to shift this perspective of selling. Selling is good. Selling is a way to serve. Selling is a way to do an energy exchange to allow someone else to feel really good and excited about what they’re doing. It’s a beautiful thing.

And so when someone says, like, “Oh, what are you going to sell me?” it’s like, “Damn straight, I’m going to sell you something because it’s going to get you excited. It’s going to get you committed. It’s going to get you results.” It’s an amazing thing. So we have to change this perspective because I know I’m not serving you if I’m not showing you how to create your amazing business.

My Spiritual Biz Boot Camp is an awesome program, and I think that Rena’s on here. She’s in my boot camp. And there’s a commitment, and there’s a commitment because I want people that are really serious to join and get really serious results. So I’m doing that as a service because when I give away all this free information, a lot of people don’t use it. It goes to the wayside. It’s like, “Well, it was free.” So remember, when you are doing this exchange with your clients, it’s really important, and it’s a beautiful thing. And if you use that acronym of SALES, it’s the Sacred Art of Leaving Everyone Satisfied, that’s amazing.

So, again, it’s about service. You have to make sure you’re doing something life-changing. You have to make sure that you’re really providing value for your client. If you’re not providing value, then yeah, sales is icky. Then you’re just selling me something I don’t need. So you have to really look at, it’s really a beautiful thing, and not only a beautiful thing for, yes, you’re going to receive financial abundance from it. Yes, you’re helping other people. But it’s also about having… If we can change our perspective about sales, it’s about having this huge paradigm shift about how we can serve and serve at a bigger level.

When people talk about money and spirituality, which is my big topic of conversation, if you guys have followed me long enough, talking about money and spirituality makes people really uncomfortable. Well, first of all, we are spiritual beings, so absolutely everything we do is spiritual, right? That includes creating financial abundance. That includes – I think someone popped in here, I saw the universal law of fair exchange. Exactly, Marie, it’s a universal law that it needs to happen.

So when we’re talking about money and spirituality, being able to do that energy exchange for your gifts, it’s really important to help in this paradigm shift because we have to get out the idea, the frame of mind, that it’s okay to earn money when we’re miserable or for corporations that are selling us crap. I like to use that word. I know it’s terrible, but they’re selling us stuff that we don’t need, poison to make us sick. If you think about it, every time you buy a soda or you go to McDonald’s, you’re paying to put poison in your body, yet we think it’s okay for McDonald’s to make all this money because we give them our money. We give Coca-Cola the money.

We do all of this stuff, and we don’t think about there needs to be an energy exchange in a spiritual way with that too. So you have to think about, “Where is your energy going?” We have to change that thought that it’s okay to pay for stuff we don’t need. It’s okay to make money in companies that aren’t serving others. It’s not okay to do that. What we’re supposed to be doing is creating financial abundance for ourselves while we’re serving.

And if you have a gift and you’re out there as a spiritual coach, an intuitive, a healer, you have an amazing gift that really needs to get out there in a big way, and if you aren’t doing that, you’re really being selfish. To be able to create the financial abundance with that gift, that is what you’re here for. That financial abundance will help you be the best version of you, and it’ll help you then be able to donate that money and help the world in a big way.

When you’re able to donate $10,000, $20,000, $30,000 dollars a year to causes that you like and that mean something to you and that are making a difference on the planet, that is when you’re really serving. So you need to be able to have the business in place, that’s your vehicle with which to serve. You need to be actually selling something of value. It has to be of value. This is what we’re talking about, life-changing stuff, and then being okay with that energy exchange and allowing people to feel really good about giving you money, about giving you that energy and feeling really great about it.

And when we can do that as spiritual entrepreneurs and help this paradigm shift and people are creating abundance from the level of service and being able to take that abundance and give it back out and serve some more, that’s amazing. That’s my goal for what I want to do with you guys. So, when you guys are ready, when you are like, “You know what, I’m tired of playing small. I need to really step it up,” because again, you’re being selfish if you’re not stepping it up, and you have this amazing gift, private message me. I’ll talk to you about my Spiritual Biz Boot Camp. It’s pretty incredible.

You’ll start seeing some interviews from people that are in it, but it’s really cool, and I’m getting just amazing feedback. And it’s really an incredible thing to see people really step up and step out and start to change the world in a big way when they weren’t doing it before. So when you’re ready to do that, you let me know.

And then I’m going to take a quick look at some of the questions down here to see if I missed anything because I was talking a lot. I was on fire. I get very fired up when I’m talking about money and spirituality, if you guys don’t know that already. So, let’s see. And, hello, Debbie from Liverpool, and then Christopher agrees. Yep, if you got it… If Source has given you a… Rena, thank you. Yes, Rena’s in our school. But yeah, Christopher, you’re right. If Source has given you the gift, you are supposed to be using it. That’s why you’re here.

So you guys have got to stop playing small. What are you doing with your life? Are you living your 10 life? Are you happy in all areas of your life, creating the abundance, serving at a high level, rolling out of bed feeling inspired? If you’re not living your 10 life, why are you settling for mediocre? Because that’s what you’re doing. If you’re not living your 10 life, you’re settling for mediocre. Why would you settle for mediocre?

You guys, you have to step it up. I don’t know how else… I want to shake people sometimes and be like, “Come on, you have this amazing gift.” The fear is just you being selfish. Get rid of the fear and realize that you’re coming from a place of service, and this is what you need to be doing.

So, let’s see. Who else? Did I miss anything in here? And all sorts of questions. Yeah, I got fired up on this. “It is serving. It’s just not serving yourself as well because in helping others, you will help yourself.” Of course, we’re always. That’s why we’re serving. It’s this energy exchange amongst all of us. And yep, “No perceived value when you give away stuff for free and they ignore it.” Yeah, right, they ignore it until someone else tells them the same information. Does that drive you crazy? I do that with my family. I’m like, “This is what you need to do,” or, “Here’s how you need to create a business.”

For those of you guys that don’t know me that well yet, I worked on Wall Street. Don’t hold that against me. But I helped build $165 million company. I know how to build businesses. This is my gift. And my family would always come to me and be like, “How do you build a business?” And I would explain to them what they needed to do for free, and then they would never do it. And I’m like, “Shoot me.” Like, I don’t understand. I have it. It’s right here, and they won’t do it. And I charge people to do it, and they get amazing results. So, yeah. I’m sure you guys have had that in your families, too.

“Recommendations on starting out.” So, thank you, Melinda, for liking my energy. Yeah, I get so fired up about this. So, for starting out… So starting out is about finding your tribe. So the tribe is the key, and when you come from a place of service for your tribe, that’s when you start to make a connection. So I know in my boot camp, we actually spend three weeks and longer because it’s part of everything, but it’s specifically two to three weeks working on that tribe because that tribe, I can teach you all the marketing tools in the world and all the business strategies, but without knowing who your tribe is and having real clarity about that, it doesn’t work.

So, being able to get really, really clear on who that tribe is, and how you’re going to serve them. And it has to be about a place of service. What is it that they need? What are they looking for? How are you going to serve the mat the highest level? And when you can nail that, then you start talking their language, and they start coming to you. That’s how they start to kind of… They find you.

And here’s the other thing, too… Not only do they find you in the language that you speak. It’s about your vibration. So in my boot camp yesterday, our call was actually two hours for the group, and I think we talked 90% of the time about our vibration and how to be at the highest level of vibration of ourselves so that we can attract the right clients and our business is also at its highest level of vibration because our business is a reflection of us.

So, when you have to look at yourself, if your business isn’t where you want it to be, you have to look at yourself and see, “Who am I attracting, and where is my vibration?” Because if your vibration is low, you’re going to attract people that don’t want to pay, that don’t value what you’re doing, that question what you’re doing, because your vibration is low. And when you can adjust your vibration up and you have this alignment of mind, body, and spirit, and you really know your business and you’re confident in that, then it totally shifts. The people that are attracted to you are the people that get it and that want to pay, that are like, “Oh, here’s my money. I know what you do is amazing. I just want to do it.”

So it’s 90% vibration of where you are and 10% business. It just is. I can teach you all the business stuff, and it won’t work without that vibration. But knowing who your tribe is is really key. So being able to know, “Who is that tribe? How do you talk to them? How do you connect with them?” That is a really important piece of it.

So I’ll post something… I have a Seven Steps to Creating Your Spiritual Business blog post that I’ll post down below. You guys can check that out, and in the blog post, it leads you through a little flow, and it talks about how to build your tribe. I think there’s a How to Build Your Tribe starter tip, so you guys can opt in for all that and see. And there’s a little course process that’ll kind of help you get through a couple of things. But discovering who your tribe is, that’s the most important piece right after getting into alignment with where you want to be and what you want to do.

So, let’s see. Any other questions? Yeah, you have to, and I’ll just say this, Jenna. You want to definitely narrow down that tribe. One mistake spiritual entrepreneurs make is they say, “I want to help everybody. I can help everybody.” And yes, that is true. You probably could help everybody, but not everybody wants to be helped. So you have to really narrow it down to, “Who’s my really specific tribe who wants my help and who needs my help?” So when it feels like it’s too narrow, you probably nailed it. So you definitely have to narrow it down.

And Sarah… “How do you recognize your tribe?” Well, if you’re working with clients now, you need to look at who is your best client. Who is the person who got the best results from what you taught them? And when you look at the person that got the best results, start to model your ideal client after them. And then you can say, “Oh, those are the people I help.”

But also make sure, too, yes, it’s about service, so yes, you want to make sure you can help them, but you also want to make sure that you want to help them. There is a distinction. We’ve all had that client that we helped that we were like, we took it maybe because, I don’t know, maybe there was a scarcity mentality mode at that moment, and you’re like, “Oh, I need that job or that client, so let me do that,” so we might… I don’t know, I think that’s all happened to us at some point or another, where you bring on a client that you didn’t really want to work with, and then they end up being a pain in the rear, and you really regret it.

So, yes, you want to be able to know who you’re serving, but also look at, “Do I want to serve them? Do they make you happy?” Because when you’re at your happiest level, you serve at a higher level. So you need to make sure that the tribe that you’re attracting is someone you really enjoy helping. That’s how you get the joy. I wake up every morning, and I’m like, thrilled with what I do because I’m working with amazing clients, and I’ve really taken the time to narrow down my amazing clients. And people call us to work with us, and we tell them, no, they’re not ready. So you have to make sure you really like them.

Let’s see. What else? Sorry, guys. I’ve been fighting this cough, and in about 15, 20 minutes, I start to cough. So I might have to go. But, fantastic, guys. So I am, yes, work smart, not hard. So you guys have a beautiful day, and I’ll see you later in the Facebook group. Post more questions down below, and I’ll see you soon. And when you’re ready to really step out, PM me, and we’ll get you going. I love you guys, bye.



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